Rapture, making a victory lap

End of the world prediction have been around pretty much as long as people have. This brief list shows a few, a very few.  The Romans predicted the end of the world, as did early Christians. Nostradamus was famous for his prophecies, including the apocalypse. Most people believe the Mayans had one, but they did not. There is nothing in Mayan civilization that predicts the “end of the world.” This is purely an interpretation of the Mayan calendar. The Mayans believed everything was cyclic, including the calendar. Because of this belief, they only made the calendar so long, believing it would start over again when it reached the end.

A good question no one seems to raise, is why? Why do we try to determine when the world will end? Beaudrillard believes that we do this because we all have some secret desire to see the almighty power of civilization destroyed. “The fact that we have dreamt of this even, that everyone without exception has dreamt of it – because no one can avoid dreaming of the destruction of any power has become hegemonic to this degree – is unacceptable to the Western moral conscience. Yet it is a fact, and one which can indeed be measured by the emotive violence of all that has been said and written in the effort to dispel it. At a pinch, we can say that they did, but we wished for it.”

I disagree with him. I believe people make these predictions because they are afraid. People are ruled by fear. Fear dictates everything we do. It is omnipresent in every part of our lives, and is as contagious as the flu. Why do we wear a seat-belt? Because we are afraid of dieing or getting caught breaking the law. Why do we eat healthy food? We are afraid of becoming unattractive and consequentially being alone. Fear rules us, and anything we can do to alleviate fears, we do. If we can determine when the end of the world is, we can live easier until that moment.

Lucky for us, someone has finally come up with a formula for relieving this fear. Harold Camping, an east coast Preacher pictured to the right, has determined through formulas he will not reveal, the date for the Rapture. Oct 21, 2011 is his calculated date of Rapture. It was originally going to be May 21, 2011, but as that didn’t happen(maybe The Rapture forgot or slept through its alarm), it was rescheduled….again. This is Harold’s third prediction, yes third, and I can only imagine that on Oct 22, he will make a fourth.

If you are with me on that last part, consider going checking out the post rapture party. Although hosted by atheists, you don’t have to be one to attend.

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