REPENT! For the kingdom of God is at hand!

For some reason many individuals are going crazy today because they are worried they only have 448 days of life. What will they do in 448? What’s going to happen?

J.E. Ante thinks the world will end because humanity has ruined the planet and it needs to be wiped off so we may have another chance to rebuild and modify ourselves in a way that future generations could be benefited. She thinks we should focus on “the infinite aspects of God” and that we should follow our inner voice to guide us when the final day comes. So… yeah. Basically the way I see it, she wants me to go get high and follow the unicorn of my dreams. I mean, I agree with her that heat will increase eventually (we all know about global warming that doesn’t mean the world will end next year). I agree that there will be more wars but that’s because we have always been in wars! When have we not been in at least one war? Our planet is constantly in wars and the world is still here. In general, her arguments have no credibility and they way she writes with a candy-land-tone makes me think she is wearing a pink dress and she daydreams in a pink bubble about how awful the outside world is and how her meditation opens a door to be spiritually transformed and ready for the end. She’s just not convincing at all.

Patrick Geryl on the other hand, thinks that the Mayas and Egyptians knew about the upcoming 2012-devastating end of the world. According to his research, planet Earth’s poles switch, meaning the north pole will then turn into south pole, creating a complete disaster that will lead to an automatic destruction and there’s nothing we can do about it. In order to have a pole shift, the Earth would have to rotate the opposite way it rotates now. Patrick would probably prefer to be dead by then because when the poles shift happens everything will be like it was ages ago. We will loose all the knowledge and advances we had gained and this would make it impossible to survive. He is convinced that the reason the world will end this way is to “protect us against cosmic and solar radiation.” Well… What if we asked Superman to fly super fast around the earth and make it rotate the way it is supposed to rotate? Problem solved!Patrick’s intimidating and alerting tone, and his general scientific way of presenting ideas makes his writing superior to that of J.E. Ante. His arguments appear to have a better and more stable basis than J.E.’s but he has no scientific proof for anything he states.  His argument runs “without a single acknowledgement from official sources,” as he said.

Since any of those two were convincing enough for me, I tried the Alien Invasion theory. Why not? This theory states that because the Mayan and Egyptian pyramids were so incredibly advanced that there is no way they could’ve done it on their own. Therefore this OBVIOUSLY shows they had help from aliens. Oh my… Why didn’t I think of that earlier? So this is why the Mayan calendar ends in the year 2012, because the aliens had agreed to come back and visit again and they wrote it on their calendars! Mayans were so grateful about the alien’s help on the pyramids that they had human sacrifices to a

dore them. Today, aliens are so excited to come back that they make their famous crop circles at night so that next morning people can freak out wondering how someone could do such an elaborated design over the night.

Just in case you didn’t notice, after reading web sites of what will happen in 2012 I ended up exhausted. None of these web pages managed to persuade the way I think the world will end. I’m not even worried about the end of the world and you shouldn’t be either. Why? Because it is ridiculous! If the world is going to end anyway and there is absolutely NOTHING you can do about it then chill out! There isn’t even enough evidence to proof completely that the world will end in 2012. People though it would end earlier. But you and I are still here! Aren’t we? If all this crazy talk about the end of the world didn’t work before then WHY on earth would they be right this time? No one knows for sure when the end will come. 

I will get out of my mini box for a second. What if the world was seriously ending in December 2012? OMG… I don’t now what I would do. I would probably go crazy! There are so many things I want to do! I would just marry my best friend tomorrow morning. I would transfer to a Mexican university and live in a house next to my parents and siblings with my new husband and just I’d just work my best to be happy with them. My focus would be on being happy and making the most out of this last year with my family. Either way there’s nothing to worry about because it’s not going to happen.

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