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So we have heard all the prophecies we have seen the movies but how do we survive it? Since the dawn of time people have used any excuse to capitalize on human weakness. And now more than ever web sites are coming along to sell to and pry on those who are willing to believe the claims that have no truth, or I should say scientific claim to them. Sure, the galactic alignments are predicted, sure the Mayan calendar ends, and of course the bible, since the dawn of time CAN BE MISINTERPRETED. However lets be grateful that there are those still willing to help us survive when this world is destroyed. Of course for a pretty penny, or a downloaded virus.

Shall we first explore the Prophet’s Manual, a spiritual guide book that will help you evolve spiritually, in order to be prepared for the end of the world. And the best part is you can now buy it online in paperback or e-book! How thoughtful. So in order to justify plain confusion the web site states, “Prophet’s manual is not an easy reading, since one truth in dual context at first sight always appears contradictory, but it’s essential in order to understand that end of this and beginning of a new world on winter solstice 2012 is not just a possibility or a theory but an absolute certainty.” So all grammatical errors aside(I’d hate to see what the book has in store for us if this is it’s sales pitch) their claim to”certainty” seems to be the Mayan calendar predictions, and guess what else? You guessed it the bible, and of course ancient texts from Egypt. And this is all in one line, the rest of the page is dedicated to a wonderfully confusing sales pitch for the book.

Another perfect example of great citizens trying to protect you, is the guys over at

A very scientifical drawing of the deformation of energy shells that will be shed on doomsday.

Lifexpert, a website hosting two DVDs you can now download, in order to understand survival of the end of the world. This site list multiple theories, and allows you to decide what to believe. Or not(I admit they are kind of confusing) as they state (the best one I have seen thus far)2012 will lead to the deformation of the human shell, which you will need in order to pass a test that will guarantee you life after the mayhem said to occur. After some gruesome pictures and confusing antidotes to dimensions of the body, not yet discovered by scientist, we get another suggestion to download the DVDs that will ensure our survival(as well as our energy shells).

Lets move on to the wonderful people at 2012 Offical countodown, a well thought out site, dedicated to the many conspiracy and end of the world prophecies. What distinguishes this site however is the generosity in which they decide to give out a 2012 report, detailing the “truth” and of course the most important- method of survival. Besides offering an “official” clock and several explanations as to why the world will end, they allow you to become a member of their site, offering premium knowledge only allowed to members. And all for the small sum of $7.95 a month!

I can not say that I look to fondly much less believe these false claims. It is wrong to prey on people’s fear, and to exploit them economically. This is something I wish all people saw before they bought into this stuff. However it is not hard to see why so many people fall for this kind of propaganda, there is just too much attention censored on this theme. And it takes us to the question, What if you knew for sure the world was ending? Well I would not worry about school, I would live out my dreams, travel the world mostly, it is just to beautiful to live without really ever seeing it. I would defiantly be closer to church, I believe in God, and if its time, well it wouldn’t hurt to be on good terms with him (I say him due to lack of a better word).

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