This time, right here.

What I found most diverting upon entering the conversation about the end of the world is the attempt by theorists to mark “the end” for a specific day. The arbitrariness is laughable. Consistently, these concrete end-of-the-world dates are made by persons of religious background. They’re fraught with scary terms like “Anti-Christ” and “Last Judgement” and “Doomsday”. Think, Harold Camping. Scan this list of 242 Doomsday dates and note the number of religious ones.

Personally, I like where the Mayans stand here. In the center of the discussion. They’re very popular folks. However, dead as they are, they can’t be consulted, giving them a strange and mythical essence further proliferating their popularity. Moreover, their genius in mathematics and physics is undeniable, we have their calendar as evidence. This gives them weight in the extremely complex physical discussion about the end-of-the-world. And the conversation branches from there…

Patrick Geryl claims the end will come by a sudden switch in earth’s polarity caused by solar flares. This will incite earthquakes, and the earthquakes will incite colossal tsunamis and intense volcanic activity.

See?... like this.

He says there is proof of similar happenings in the past, and cites the Dresden Codex of the Mayans as an example. His explanation is fraught with complex diagrams and intensely specific end-times jargon. Watch this for a general idea about his theory.

Journalist Lawrence Joseph, in his book Apocalypse 2012: An Investigation into Civilization’s End,  posits similarly to Geryl’s take regarding the sun’s flares. However, his books looks closely at the way people will respond to the incipient plagues, famine, and drought. His book is a great convergence of thought from many – Nasa scientists, seismologists, volcanologists, paleontologists, geologists.

The dissemination of Doomsday theory is truly remarkable. The barrage is virtually unavoidable. I consider it a good item – minus the crazy cult-extremism – for making people aware of real environmental concerns.

If I knew the exact, incontestable moment everything came to an end, I’d… whisper not a word about it to anyone.


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