Why can’t we have a fairy tale ending?

Gathered evidence to support the Mayan 2012 Apocalypse seems to be all across the board. There is scientific evidence, biblical evidence, supernatural evidence and much more. I’m an average American student that doesn’t believe the world will end as we know it in 2012. Obviously I don’t want the world to end for selfish reasons, but honestly, I can’t imagine what the world will be like after December 21, 2012 becomes a disappointment for this ancient, largely argued over idea. I’d go on as far to say this is a one-of-a kind topic that has been discussed and theorized on for the longest time that actually has a definite endpoint. We’ll either witness the topic be true, or not. Therefore, I’ll be kind of heartbroken for the disappointed masses when the world doesn’t end.

Honestly, I had a hard time finding people and groups to research. I must have been Googling the wrong terms, but I finally found three interesting people who believe the Mayan Apocalypse will take place in 2012. Their viewpoints are all so interestingly different; I would love to witness a conversation between the three if they were to ever meet.

Patrick Geryl has been referenced by many students already, but he is the ideal person to report on for the scientific theory side. Patrick is the author of 9 books which became bestsellers. He leads a survival team to prepare for the Apocalypse. His view comes from studying the sun, which he believes will be the main cause of our eminent nonexistence. I’m going to attempt to explain his massive data collection portrayed on his website. He’s studied and related sunspots and flares to affecting the polarity of our earth. This will in turn ruin our electrical grid, and without power, all of the resources we need to survive will start to decline. (Like water, food, animals, fuel, etc.) He claims the Mayans saw this many years ago when all of the planets lined up, and they started their countdown to the end of the world. Patrick doesn’t believe there is anything we can do to stop the sun from breaking down, but he believes through special training, we as humans can try surviving it with shelters, stored food, and water. The scientific data is interesting and strengthens his argument.

Michele Rozbitsky is very interesting; I’d love to meet her. She could be classified as a hippy, but that’s what makes her so appealing. Her main focus in her 2012 argument is that we are in the Fifth World, referenced by Mayans and Christians. She believes that the Fifth World will take place after a shift in our Solar System, and life on earth will be “raised to its perfected-eternal form”. Her goal is to prepare and educate followers through a journey of cleansing and healing for the passage into the Fifth World. She doesn’t discuss a bloody, drastic end to the world, and she does not have a lot of data proving her arguments. She may be able to collect peaceful followers in other ways, but I can assume most people wonder why she firmly believes in the 2012 Apocalypse since she does not refer to it too much.

Herbert Stollorz is a Christian who wrote the book 2012 and the End of Institutional Evil. Stollorz is a self-taught Christian who after retiring from his job started looking into the relationship between the 2012 Apocolypse and the Bible’s interpretation. He believes God made Earth with its end in mind, and believes the Mayans were correct on their calculation of December 12. He believes this day is when Satan will be forced out of the Second Heaven into the First Heaven of our atmosphere and material detection. The end of the world will then follow the steps listed in the Bible, which is too long and specific to repeat here. If you’re interested to know, Stollorz offers a description in his book. I specifically looked for a Christian’s argument that supported the Bible and the Mayan calendar because it’s so rare to find. His arguments are structured randomly, and not very data driven, so he wouldn’t be considered a reliable source.

What really happened...

After taking the time to read and appreciate people’s views on the 2012 mater, I’m still not swayed from not believing. It’s all a fantastic idea, but I don’t believe something so ideal can be calculated onto an exact date. I think the world, when it does die, will slowly deteriorate. Nothing exciting there. If the world will end in 2012, I’d spend the majority of my time relaxing and enjoying life. I would love to travel, but only if everyone that I love could go with me. I wouldn’t prepare or freak out, and I would definitely turn off the news. Just serenity and smiles, that’s all I’d need.

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