Blog #4. Making sense of Star Wars

According to one critic, "The Star Wars Holiday Special is one of the most infamous television programs in history. And it's so bad that it actually comes around to good again, but passes it right up." On the plus side, it did introduce the character Boba Fett.

Originally released in May 1977, the film Star Wars has evolved into a phenomenal media franchise that includes seven films, two animated television series, several hundred novels and short stories, approximately 800 comic books, a Christmas-themed television special, more than 100 video games, and a comprehensive encyclopedia (Wookiepedia) containing 86,443 separate entries.

Please get yourself in the mood for this assignment by surfing the Internet for Star Wars related material for approximately thirty minutes. You might choose to investigate fan fiction, parody films (e.g. George Lucas in Love), the aforementioned holiday special, or official Star Wars content. After you’ve finished surfing, write a short (4 to 5 paragraph) blog posting discussing your connection — or lack thereof — to the world of Star Wars.

Your posting should address the following questions:

  • When did you first encounter the Star Wars films, and in what context? How many of the films have you seen, and how many times?
  • If you have never seen Star Wars — or if you have barely grazed the surface of the franchise — what is your impression of the phenomenon from the outside?
  • Why do you think these franchise have become such an immense franchise? What factors might explain the apparent appeal of the Star Wars universe? Do you think this has changed over time?
  • If you have seen the movies, please take a stand on this hypothetical scenario. Imagine that you are a Jedi on the spaceship Millennium Falcon, and you are flying to Tatooine with Jar Jar Binks, R2D2, C3P0, and an Ewok. You’ve just learned that you must sacrifice one of your ship mates in order to save your life and the life of the others. Who do you choose to kill and why?  Is it a difficult choice?
  • If you haven’t seen the movies or are not very familiar with the phenomenon of Star Wars, who do you think fans would be most likely to sacrifice and why? This might be a wild guess, or it might be based on things you have heard from other people.
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