Star Bores

In seeing just how many Star Wars items make up its franchise—Legos, movies, shows, action figures, and parodies, to name a few— it is clear to me that Star Wars is quite popular. It has a large following, yet somehow, I never managed to jump on the bandwagon. I have not seen a single movie, read a comic, or watched Star Wars: the Clone Wars. I have not even played with the Star Wars Legos. Because of this, I am fairly clueless when it comes to the Star Wars franchise.

The little bit that I do know about Star Wars comes from my little brother and That 70s Show.My little brother played with the Legos, played the video games, and watched all of

One example of the "Star Wars" Legos that my brother had

the movies. He even had several of the action figures when he was younger. However, as a young girl, I chose to completely ignore anything of his that was related to Star Wars, for I felt that it was boring and only for boys. Thus, even when he attempted to teach me about his action figures, I paid little attention.

Now that I am older and realize that the franchise is for girls, as well as boys, I still am not interested in Star Wars. In general, I am simply not fond of action movies, which is the main reason I do not wish to watch the movie. The most I know about Star Wars has actually come from That 70s Show. This YouTube clip from the show demonstrates what I have learned about Star Wars. In reality, I actually probably know less than the character Red.

From the outside, I feel like the franchise has a cult following. While I am not at all interested in watching an action movie that takes place in space and has made up beings, I can understand why so many people enjoy it. I think that the Star Wars universe provides a false reality, into which people can escape. These people, like Lucas’s quote in the article, “Star Wars: A Myth for Our Time,” want “to return to the sense of wonder and adventure that movies…” used to have (315). Additionally, I think that the franchise has such an immense following because it has collected followers from several different media outlets—from comic readers, to television viewers, to video game players, and many more. Similarly, I think the franchise’s following has grown over the years, because as more time has passed, more things related to the franchise have arisen.

In relation to the question of which Star Wars character I would sacrifice, I would choose Jar Jar Binks. However, this is a completely wild guess. I chose Jar Jar Binks because I have never heard of this character before. While I do not know who/what R2D2, C3PO, and an Ewok are, I have at least heard of these characters in passing. Since I have not heard of Jar Jar Binks, I am hypothesizing that he is not as important as the other characters, and therefore, not as necessary to save.

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