What is an Ewok anyways?

I did not grow up on Star Wars. This puts me in the minority of most Americans, and puts me at a disadvantage with most popular culture references. I first encountered Star Wars when I realized I was weird that I had never seen the original trilogy. I received gasps, anger, and sadness over my lost childhood without Star Wars. While I had heard of it before, it became clear that I was missing out on something my peers had loved for so long.

Star Wars seems overwhelming. As someone who did not grow up with the phenomenon, I feel as if I am already so far behind that I can’t catch up. Even if I watched all of the movies, visited all the fan forums, and went to the conventions, it would not be the same as someone who watched the franchise as a child. I feel excluded from this fan group.

May the Force be with us and not you!

Yet despite this exclusion, I understand why the Star Wars phenomenon is so popular. It is a story of good dominating evil, of a hero whose past destines him for greatness even if he is unaware of it. It shows the importance of courage, strength, and friendship. It gives people their utopian world in which goodness is rewarded and evilness is punished. As Gordon writes in Star Wars: A Myth of our Time, “Viewers recognize that Star Wars has no direct relation to external reality, but it does relate to our dreams of how we would like reality to be.” Star Wars presents a magical world of fantasy and adventure that cannot be replicated in our world, but it reaches people on a personal level. It resembles the dreams of childhood and the need to escape our dissapointing world.As someone who has not seen the films, I have never understood the characters. From what I have heard from my friends, though, no one seems to like Jar Jar Binks. As evident by this youtube video, Jar Jar Binks is apparently annoying and overall not welcome within the Star Wars community. If given the chance, a lot of fans would kill the character. While he seems funny to me, I guess I would have to agree with the majority. Really, who am I to go against a Star Wars fan anyways?

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