I’m not a star-geek

I must confess I am one more of those losers who have never ever ever seen Star Wars. I’m not sure why… Maybe my parents didn’t want me to see it because it was too violent and then I just grew up with no interest at all in watching it. Whatever the reason is, of course I had heard of it before. It is really amazing that almost everyone who hasn’t watched Star Wars has at least heard of it and has some idea of what it is. I knew about it because there is always someone dressed up with a Star Wars custom in Halloween, there are many games (toys and videogames) of it, and I have heard others talk about it many times.

 Now that I have researched a little about it I still don’t want to watch it except for the fact that it is really important for our human history apparently and I need to catch up with that. I found another thing for my must-do-before-I-die-list. I am really impressed about the huge amount of fans it has, and its global success in general. My cousin used to say that only geeks and losers liked Star Wars and I grew up with that idea so it’s hard for me to find any interest in it. Not being a “star-geek” as my cousin would say makes it hard for me to know why Star Wars became such an immense franchise. I would say its because it fits everyone’s perfect dreams. When I was little I used to really get into movies. I

would come out of the movie theater truly believing that I was a princess and that my prince would come kiss me and marry me and take me to this huge beautiful palace full of beautiful dresses and beautiful jewelry. Then I grew up and …. Guess what?! No prince so far! I think Star Wars does the same thing to its audience as those movies did to me. Star Wars is like its follower’s dreams, where the good side wins and they are heroically rewarded. People can get into the magic of super awesome planets and super cool glowing weapons and suspenseful battles, the audience might have though

t that the future could probably be like that. Star Wars was like a window to the future, where humans could ride spaceships and travel across the universe. Of course it has changed with time because now people know that this dream turned into a reality where humans have access to places that were only a mystery before.

So, if I were a Jedi on the spaceship Millennium Falcon flying to Tatooine with Jar Jar Binks, R2D2, C3P0, and an Ewok, and I had to sacrifice one of your shipmates in order to save your life and the life of the others I would kill… Oh boy I don’t know!! I don’t want to kill anyone! It is a really difficult choice. I’d probably kill the C3P0 because he won’t be useful in case we are attacked by the bad guys since the only thing it can do is speak several languages. The fact that it isn’t a “war robot” makes it useless and unable to protect us.

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