The Spaceship Has Sailed

Light Sabers, Jabba the Hutt, “I am your Father” and Darth Vader’s breathing are the few things I can think of when I hear the words Star Wars. As shocking as it is, I admit that I have never seen the worldwide sci-fi phenomenon. I don’t know if I could give a reasonable answer (or if there even is one for some) as to why I’ve never seen it, except that it could be attributable to the fact that I grew up with four girl cousins and only one older brother. When we were all together, it was much more likely for him to get sucked into building barbie houses (don’t tell him I said this) than it was for us to get sucked into watching Star Wars.

Jabba the Hutt, a large, slug-like alien character in Star Wars.

Despite my lack of interest in Star Wars, products and references to the movie were ubiquitous as I was growing up. From Star Wars legos and light saber pens to Halloween costumes and t-shirts, it has been unavoidable, however, references were made to the movie that I somehow understood and even used myself. For instance, I have a family friend who acquired the nickname “Jabba” from her brothers because she was chubby as a kid. Although she is older (and tall and skinny), we still call her Jabba. This goes to show how powerful  the franchise of Star Wars was.

From the outside looking in, Star Wars seemed to be the Harry Potter of its time. I believe the franchise became so immense in the same way that Harry Potter, for fictitiously delving into wizardry and Twilight into vampires and wolves, have become so popular. The three franchises all have mystical themes and motives that are appealing to viewers. Star Wars became the mainstream of space sci-fi. Light sabers were awesome and the relationships between characters kept things interesting. I do think that as time has passed, and new movies and themes have arisen, Star Wars has fallen under the radar. I don’t think that it has done so because of anything having to do with the franchise, I just think that there are new themes that haven’t been touched on before that are now more exciting to newer aged audiences.

If  someone was a Jedi on the spaceship Millennium Falcon with Jar Jar Binks, R2D2, C3P0, and an Ewok, I think fans would sacrifice R2D2 to save their life and the life of the others. Seeing that I don’t know the characters, this is sort of a wild guess, however, I do have some reasoning. I know R2D2 is a little robotic machine that speaks in a weird language. Since he doesn’t have human-like characteristics, I would think it would be easier to sacrifice him over the others. Sorry little R2.

A question I ask myself is if I can live and die without ever seeing Star Wars. Is it worth watching now? Or should I accept the fact that I missed the boat and know too many spoilers to experience it to the highest degree? Personally, I think that even if I were to sit down and watch Star Wars, It would not be very enjoyable as I know a lot of what happens already. Also, if it’s as great as everyone says it is, I’d be hooked and there would no longer be Star Wars products sold in every store to comfort my obsession. I’m ultimately afraid that I might end up like the kid in this video if I give in.

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