A Star Wars Newbie!

The first time I was introduced to Star Wars was actually this year in Media, Interpreting, and Criticism. Growing up I heard about Star Wars, but my parents were never fans, so they never introduced me to it. Also during my childhood, soccer was my life and the times I got to see movies, I would watch ones that I was dying to see. Star Wars never fancied me as a child, so I never had the desire to explore it. As a child and teenager I feel like I missed out since I didn’t watch Star Wars like a lot of my friends did because when they make references to the movies, I have no idea what they are talking about. In a way I guess you could say I regret not having watched Star Wars as a child. The only scenes of Star Wars that I have watched are the clips we have seen in Media, Interpreting, and Criticism. Now that I am older, I have noticed many people refer to Star Wars often and they have all had positive comments about the movies. Missing out on such an epic thing is unfortunate, but instead of watching the movies I would spend quality time with my family.

My impression of this phenomenon from the outside is that it seems quite interesting, but it is not interesting enough to me to actually sit down and spend time watching the movies. However if I had watched these movies when I was younger, I’m sure that now I would watch them again and again whenever I have the free time. Sometime the Star Wars franchise seems overrated, although I am an outsider looking in; if I were to experience this phenomenon, I’m sure I would be as into it as all of the other fans.

I would imagine that Star Wars has become such an immense franchise because so many people all over the world have access to it. Also, I haven’t heard of someone that has spent the time watching it that thought it was awful. From children to adults, Star Wars appeals to all because everyone can relate in someway from politics to simple imagination and creativity. As Kathleen Ellis says in “New World, Old Habits: Patriarchal Ideology in Star Wars: A New Hope”, “Lucas portrayed a world not dissimilar in its ideology to the world he grew up in”, therefore he tries to relate his life to what he portrays in Star Wars (Ellis 135). Throughout the generations, Stars Wars has seemed to die down because the media doesn’t hype it up as much anymore. When my generation was younger, Star Wars was displayed throughout stores and commercials on TV. This is the media influencing how popular it became. However now a days, the media doesn’t really have commercials advertising new or old Star Wars movies. The latest commercial on TV was to promote Clone Wars, a conflict mentioned in Star Wars IV: A New Hope. Here is a link that mimics Wikipedia, although it is called Wookieepedia because it deals with Star Wars and Clone Wars specifically. This link is especially helpful if you are an outsider to Star Wars or if you just want to know more details than you already do. 

Although I have not watched any of the Star Wars movies, I would choose to sacrifice Jar Jar Binks because R2D2, C3P0, and an Ewok are vitally important according to the people I have talked to. All of the characters except Jar Jar Binks are intelligent enough to do the best they can to save our lives. This decision is a hard one because I would hate to sacrifice anybody, although if it is sacrificing for the greater good, than it is morally acceptable.

In conclusion, the only knowledge of Star Wars that I had coming into Media, Interpreting, and Criticism with was the things that my friends had referenced or talked about in front of me. From reading Ellis’ and Gordon’s articles I have a greater grasp on Star Wars and its purpose. I feel that when my friends reference Star Wars now, I will have a better idea of what they are talking about. This makes me feel less of an outsider because now I have more knowledge of what Star Wars is about. Unfortunately, I will probably not watch a Star Wars movie until someone forces me to sit down and watch it. This is only the case because when I have enough free time to watch a movie, I would rather watch a movie I really enjoy and or that I know I will enjoy.

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