I’m basically a star wars guru…nbd.

Growing up in my house, with my Dad, you were guaranteed to know all about Star Wars. Being young, I did not quite grasp just how extraordinary the film was to its time, but furthermore, I was oblivious to just how extraordinary it would become. To show you just how much of a guru I really am, my Dad and I would go to the Star Wars conventions held at the nearby convention centers. We would walk around amongst all the other Star Wars nerds, and browse the most expensive movie props and lightsaber replicas. I even learned that R2D2 was controlled by a midget who sat inside him!

I have seen each film of the saga at least once, but the ones that came out first I have seen several times. Personally, there are a number of reasons why I believe the franchise has become part of such a larger franchise but one that stands out most. George Lucas created this completely new world; a world completely outside of our own. He essentially formed its history and left the future open to endlessly expand. The Star Wars saga is so appealing because of several factors. One, it is a story about a good underdog fighting against a seemingly unbeatable evil. Two, it entails a piece of several different genres within it: sci-fi, action, romance, comedy, mystery, drama, etc. Third, the structure of it is such that it leaves the audience with questions that the rest of the Star Wars franchise is left to answer.

The Saga of Star Wars: Good vs Evil

If I were put in the hypothetical situation of having to decide between the death of Jar Jar Binks, R2D2, C3P0 or an Ewok, I would have to choose the Ewok because other than being fighting natives, they did not provide many other strengths that that. They lived in a world with little to no technology and are very unfamiliar when introduced to the technological advancements that are sure to come.

Personally, this choice would not be difficult for me to make because of the level of importance that I think the other characters have towards the successfulness of the future. Jar Jar Binks offers the strength of living underwater, R2D2 is the technical strength behind many of the problems encountered, and C3Po, according to wookieepedia, can communicate in over 6 million languages. C3Po is also a vital companion and personality on board.

Another interesting fact to note about George Lucas, and the success of his films, is what he created in order for his movies to come to life. Lucas was a founder of the surround sound system THX ltd. Also, the groundwork for Pixar originated in Lucasfilm which contributed to the advanced graphics that were seen in Star Wars.

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