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Which is why I am often late! Anyways, onto the assignment. Star Wars is an American science-fiction film series created by George Lucas. The first of six Star Wars films was introduced to society in May of 1977, under the simple title, Star Wars.  Lucas’ film quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. The two hour and one minute film made $1,554,475 on opening weekend alone, and overall grossed three quarters of a billion dollars worldwide. After the first box office success, Lucas made two sequels, each released at three-year intervals. After a sixteen-year break, Lucas released three more films, with three-year intervals between their releases as well. This prequel trilogy was released over a six-year span, from 1999 to 2005. The Star Wars movies have given way to a plethora of other revenue generating ideas seen all over the world today.  Books, comic books, television series, video games, action figures, and even Lego has taken advantage of Lucas’ brilliant idea. 

So where do I fit in with the whole Star Wars time space continuum? The first, and last, Star Wars movie I ever watched was the first of the prequel trilogy released in 1999: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace. I was early in my adolescence (about six), the perfect age for the science-fiction movies to grip my attention with an iron fist, and let my imagination soar to the furthest depths of the galaxy. I remember sitting in the theatre with my older friend Brian and being completely enthralled by the fast paced action crammed movie; not to mention, light sabers were about the coolest thing I had ever set my eyes on. Brian was alive for the earlier trilogy, and was much more excited for The Phantom Menace than I was.  After sixteen years since the last one, I can only imagine. However, I do not really remember much from this film. I could not tell you one thing about the plot. All I can say is that I liked it.  However, what I do remember, in vivid detail I might add, is playing with Star Wars toys. I remember I had a Jar Jar Binks and a Chewbacca mask, as well as my favorite toys of all: light sabers. I remember epic battles between my friends and I. I would always make my friend wield the double sided, red light saber of evil belonging to Darth Maul; while my weapon of choice was the green single sided saber of justice belonging to Obi-Wan Kenobi. We would often wear the masks during these battles, even though there was no relation between either of the characters shown with the masks and the light sabers. Back then, I wanted to show off all the cool Star Wars gear I owned.

Chewbacca mask

Despite everything I just wrote, I still consider myself as a complete novice when it comes to Star Wars. The one movie that I have seen, I was so little that I do not remember anything about it other than the awesome villain of Darth Maul. And yes I have seen scenes and small pieces of some of the other movies, but I have never understood the plots or the characters, or any of the deeper meanings of the movies. The other interactions I have had with Star Wars come from a series of toys my parents bought me as a child. However, just by playing with light sabers I would hardly say that makes me a true star wars fan. I did not even imagine myself up in space or anything when I used them, but instead would often think of the jungles and using them to fend off dinosaurs.  So, from an outside perspective, I still think Star Wars is a pretty cool phenomena from what I know of it. Although the movies are a little bit nerdy, almost “trekkiish,” that does not change that they are still very interesting. The movie I saw was very intense and fast paced, which usually make for a more interesting movie.  The storyline is great, very well constructed from what I have heard; and, it is relatable to all moviegoers. I believe the main reason that the Star Wars series has been such a successful franchise is because that every type of person can enjoy the movies, books, or whatever it is. The Star Wars or even the science-fiction fanatics will of course appreciate it, but so will the commonplace viewer. The quick paced plot and nonstop action allows for a thriller even if you know very little about the movies. Another reason it may be so successful is that people recognize, possibly subconsciously, the usage of past plot elements or scenes from older movies. These are sure to be successful if they were already successful in a pervious movie. Another reason may be the nostalgic aspect of Star Wars. People growing up with the original Star Wars will surely love the newer Star Wars because of the fond memories associated with the old movies. Based on this last hypothesis, the appeal of Star Wars most likely has changed overtime. The newer generations may be enthralled with the intense computer graphics of the 21st century. Whatever the reason, George Lucas definitely created a winner with his Star Wars series.

As for the hypothetical situation about being the Jedi on the spaceship Millennium Falcon flying to Tatooine, what is the possible situation that brought this absurd scenario up!? It is a terrible situation to be in, regardless, and I am glad I do not have to make it. Given that I do not recall any details about these characters, I will answer the question on who I think most others would choose. I immediately have to eliminate Jar Jar Binks and the Ewok, because (from my extensive research) these two creatures are biological living beings. To kill them would involve blood and guts and all that disgusting mess. So that pretty much leaves R2D2 and C3Po. As for these robots, the little memory I do have of these two leads me to believe that C3Po will be the unlucky victim of this awful scenario. I recall R2D2 being a funny little helpful creature speaking in beeps that only the Jedi can understand; while C3Po was a very timid human-like robot, always talking about his fears and how scared he was of the situation. He would probably be telling everyone how terrified he was of this situation too. The Jedi would most likely become annoyed, and easily choose C3Po to sacrifice in this situation.

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