So, you’ve never seen Star Wars??

That’s right, I have never seen any of the Star Wars movies and I don’t ever plan on it.  Honestly, I do not understand what all the fuss is about. Sometimes I feel like I’m missing out on something when everyone talks about the Star Wars phenomenon but honestly, what’s so great about it?  I think of Star Wars as a sci-fi movie, nothing more, and truthfully, that genre doesn’t really appeal to me.  The whole thing reminds me of the recent Twilight and Harry Potter obsessions where it’s more about the hype and idea of it rather than the actual production.  The Star Wars phenomenon is certainly over the top and ridiculous, but welcome to the world of entertainment!  While I may not see eye to eye with Star Wars fans, I can at least acknowledge that it’s something to get excited about.  However, it certainly isn’t for me. 

From games to comic books and everything in between, the Star Wars franchise is undoubtedly a huge sensation.  As soon as the first movie took off, George Lucas didn’t waste any time creating the sequels.  The immense popularity of the subsequent films allowed the franchise to grow and reach the power that it’s at today.  Now, anything related to Star Wars is a valuable collector’s item and that is the key to the franchise’s current success.  Everyone wants to own a piece of the mega collection simply because of all the buzz the series had the ability to generate.  Although I do not exactly see the appeal, Star Wars is obviously a symbol of pop culture.  The evident themes, such as good versus evil and father and son relationships, have managed to appear over and over again.  Fans connect with such themes and lavish in the world of fantasy.

The franchise collection and popularity of Star Wars as a whole has continued to grow.  It’s always been about the appeal of the Star Wars universe.  Today, the factors that draw people in are no different than they were after the release of the original Star Wars film.  It’s an ideal world that people enjoy living in as they take a temporary break from reality.  The characters, plot and themes were so attractive to audiences and they so easily became invested in the whole saga.  The ability to form a strong connection with these elements of Star Wars has been there from the beginning and probably will always remain. 

The one and only, Jar Jar Binks

Given that I am not at all invested in the phenomenon of Star Wars, I can only make a completely wild guess about who fans would most likely sacrifice.  Jar Jar Binks never fails to be brought up in a discussion of Star Wars but since I’m unfamiliar with the context, I decided to google “least favorite Star Wars characters.”  It turns out that numerous forums, like this one right here for example, agree that Jar Jar Binks is just plain annoying.  In fact, fans consistently list him as one of their top 3 least favorite characters in Star Wars ever.  I’m simply not going to argue with that.  Therefore, I’d sacrifice Jar Jar Binks.

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