Sorry About the Mess…

Star Wars.. The fictitious universe that existed “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.  How they had futuristic weapons and technology is beyond me, but I guess George Lucas knows something that nobody else does.  Regardless, it is an undeniable success for Lucas and still has the potential to grow even more.  My knowledge of Star Wars is limited, but I have seen enough of the movies to make sense of what is happening.

I was first introduced to the Star Wars movies at a young age.  My father was a fan of the movies and, seeing how he was an Art School graduate like Lucas, he must have felt a subliminal connection.  Regardless, the movies opened up my eyes to the world of Star Wars and I was intrigued.  The science fiction aspect of it escaped me at the early age, but the films showed me, above all, that George Lucas is a true cinematic genius.  His knowledge of filmmaking is unprecedented and it is clearly seen in his works.  The angles he uses, the various types of shots, and all his film making magic help bring the world of Star Wars to life on screen.

The immensity of the Star War franchise is not simply because of the movies.  There are numerous books, comic books, the whole works.  Video games helped expand the realm of Star Wars and even television shows and specials helped add to the madness.  Without this expansion, the franchise would have been idle, trying to ride out the success of the movies for as long as possible. There is even a wikipedia for Star Wars.  The expansion not only helped them grow, but it also set the stages for spin-off movies in the future.  The Star Wars universe has exponential potential to grow and George Lucas has numerous options he could capitalize on.

If I were a Jedi and had to kill someone on the ship in order to save everyone, it would easily be the little Ewok.  Yes, I would kill the cutest, furriest thing on the ship.  But when I am thinking about survival, where would the Ewok fit into the situation?  What good has a SINGLE Ewok done to help the characters in the movies?  R2D2 has been in all the movies and has been a pivotal character in all of them.  C-3PO is by far the smartest of all the characters on the ship and his knowledge is incomparable.  Lastly, as annoying as he is, Jar Jar Binks would survive the trip.  The village always needs a village idiot.  Was this decision hard for me? Absolutely not.  If I need a teddy bear, I can buy one after we land and survive the trip.  I am not going to risk my life or the life of other important people for a waist-high creature covered in fur.  Even though C-3PO can be disassembled and put into storage until we arrived, it does not make sense to waste his intelligence.

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