Star Wars is the Past… And Im Not Good With History.

Stars Wars is a mystery to me. Yes, I know, it’s a shocker to most people, but I’ve never seen or read any Star War comic book, review, or movie. I have been exposed to the massive fan base and paraphernalia that is the result of this franchise.  My first encounter with this was at an early age and was unmemorable. The majority of my encounters were passing comments, over zealous fans, references with in the media, products, and my parents cheese lines of ‘let the force be with you”. As a result I have a base understanding of the storyline, major characters and the most ridiculous fan products.The impression that I have as a result of these experiences is Star Wars is an extremely successful movie that was original enough at the time it was presented and had a very good marketing and advertising manager. This phenomenon, drawing for Gordon’s article, is the classic story-line presented in an original way. This is its success. The time span of its popularity is a bit ridiculous to me. It seems that the farther away from the original publication date the more dorky the fan becomes. Its time to get over it.

The immense franchise is again my previous predication of amazing marketing skills with a product that is an ‘original classic’. The appeal is the very genre. As Gordon proves, it is the monomyth holding onto a universally loved storyline but is still something new and exciting. Over time I haven’t seen this basic perspective change much. It is still a classic and seen by even the non-Star Wars fans as a great movie, and undeniable so giving its cultural impact.

Again as I haven never seen the movies I have no idea who I would sacrifice in the purposed scenario. I really have no idea what the scenario means beyond the elementary understanding of killing a beloved member of my team. I assume from the reactions of the students within my class and the fact that this question is even purpose that is a difficult choice. But hypothetically and based on my limited knowledge of the series I would kill C3PO.

C3PO looses his arm

Given most knowledgeable individuals would probable choose Ewok, C3PO would be my victim because of the only small snippets of some Star War film I’ve seen C3PO is obnoxious to me. He also appears the most useless as in pictures he always seems to be missing a body part during some epic battle. Given this he probable also weighs the most being the larger metal robots thus benefiting the ship’s speed for an escape. Plus he would be the most likely character that would miraculously be found later and put back together on some fluke planet making his death less…. permanent.


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