Star Wars- The Portal to a New World

My infatuation for the Star Wars movies stems from my childhood memories centered around the original trilogy. With my stuffed bunny, and a snack, I would sit with my dad and escape into the fantasy world with Luke Skywalker and the whole gang. Up to this day, my favorite Star Wars movie is Empire Strikes Back, although I did find great joy in the lovable Ewoks that first appeared in Return of the Jedi. My dad was, without a doubt, the most influential factor that lead to my love for the Star Wars movies. I would consider myself a definite Star Wars junky, although I have never really been into the Clone Wars side of the viral craze. I began watching the original movies at such a young age, I would never be able to pin point the amount of times I have seen the different films. However, I do know that I watched the original trilogy an unbelievable amount of times. The other Star Warsfilms, however, I have probably only seen about one or two times each.

A scene from "Empire Strikes Back"


There is no way to argue that Star Wars wasn’t ground-breaking and successful. The ability to appeal to such a diverse audience, ranging from children to adults, added to the great success of the films. The overarching theme of good vs. evil has been repeated throughout history due to the viewer’s natural desire to watch movies in which the hero prevails. George Lucas used that very theme to draw in the audience, and therefore allows many generations to connect to the sci-fi action films that are mixed with a hint of classic love story. The movies created a buzz within society, similarly to today’s obsession triggered by the Harry Potter series, maintaining the attention of self-proclaimed Star Wars nerds by creating a series of films which kept audiences wanting more.

I think the apparent appeal and success of Star Wars is largely due to the amazing graphic break throughs achieved by the films. George Lucas managed to go a step further than Star Trek with his special effects, amazing audiences to this day with his unbelievable graphics. Such special effects appealed to me because it allowed me to escape and live in the fantasy of different worlds. It let loose my imagination and let me see and interact with the different worlds. Therefore, such effects gave viewers a chance to break free of everyday life and live temporarily in an unknown and new world.

Overtime Star Wars has grown and spread like a virus. Beginning as a ground breaking trilogy, Star Wars is extremely well known and seen everywhere. As exhibited on the Star Wars website, the craze has spread to many different mediums over time, continuing to reach new audiences. Whether seen in toy stores (yes, I do own Star Wars legos), the internet (check out this amazing Star War tribute) or on television (Clone Wars), most people have a general knowledge of the films, or can at least recognize the infamous quote “Luke, I am your father.” I would argue, however, that children born in the 2000s are more likely to be drawn to the Clone Wars series. Many of the children I have babysat over the years are crazy about Clone Wars but have very little knowledge of the Star Wars I grew up with. All generations, however, have shown an appreciation and fascination with the world created by Star Wars, making the films timeless and unforgettable. 

The Ewok- saved by his intelligence!

If I was a Jedi on the Millennium Falcon flying alongside Jar Jar Binks, R2D2, C3PO, and an Ewok and I was forced to sacrifice one life to save the lives of the others, I would unfortunately sacrifice Jar Jar Binks. Believe me, this was no easy decision. It was never a question in my mind that I would keep R2D2 and C3PO alive regardless, for they would undoubtedly be the most valuable assets to any danger which may lay ahead. When it came down to deciding between Jar Jar Binks and the Ewok, I thought about both of their qualities. Jar Jar Binks, although a big part of the Star Wars family, is undeniably clumsy, creating trouble for himself and others around him. Although he does turn out to be very valuable in end, he would most likely burden the group if a difficult situation were to arise. On the other hand, Ewoks are not only cute and furry, but they are extremely intelligent and would be a great asset to the group. Therefore, I would unfortunately have to let Jar Jar Binks go in order to benefit the group as a whole. Rest in peace, my friend.

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