The Overrated War

Star Wars was introduced to me someday during my elementary school years. I was over my friend Harrison’s house and we watched the movie. I have not watched an episode since. The only contact and commentary I have willing listened to is in this class and that which is found on How I Met Your Mother. I am not against Star Wars but I just believe that it is overrated. 

I personally have no idea why Star Wars have grown to be such a big phenomenon. I categorize it with Harry Potter. My guess to why it has become so large is because a single generation passed it down through the following generations. Those generations then accept it and continue to pass it down. The movie, its plot and themes, have become common knowledge that is required by much of society. I believe that the appeal of the Star Wars stems from its simplicity. The story line is simple and “Star Wars, A Myth of our Time” gives support to this idea. There is no complex structure within the story. Everything is spelled out and reiterated in some way. For example, we know we should hate the dark side. They are against the protagonist and the name itself implies evil. In addition, the universe does not differ much of that from earth. Each planet’s environment, besides the death star, can be found on earth. The Ewoks are found on a forest planet, luke lived on a sandy desert, and Yoda lived in a swamp. The universe is just a parallel to earth. Nothing in the Star Wars universe would make the viewer think “could that be possible” or “no way”. Rather, Everything can just be accepted. Star Wars is easily accepted by readers because the universe parallels earth in some way.

Barney with Ewoks

Barney with Ewoks

If I were stuck on the Millennium Falcon and were forced to kill either Jar Jar Binks, R2D2, C3P0, or an Ewok, I would Kill C3Po. I would let the Ewoks live because they remind me of my teddy bear (Barney Stinson). The link is an episode of HIMYM, where Barney displays his theory of why certain people like Ewoks.  I liked R2D2 after watching Star Wars. I don’t remember Jar Jar Binks and because of this have no opinion of him. However, I found C3Po annoying and I cannot travel with annoying people. I choose C3Po to die solely because ten years ago he was annoying. If I were to guess who the Star Wars faithful would kill, it would be either the Ewok or Jar Jar Binks. Both are not as closely associated with Luke as C3Po and R2D2. The younger fans would kill Jar Jar Binks and the older fans would kill the Ewoks.*

*Last line based solely off Barney’s Theory cause I have no idea.

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