The Way of the Jedi

I cannot recall the first time I was introduced to Star Wars, but the action filled movies in a faraway galaxy caught my interest at a young age. Although I can’t tell you how many times I have seen each movie, I know I have seen at least each once. I have not read any of the books, but I still remember acting out the movies in the backyard with a lightsaber. However, I would like to watch the movies again, they’re all classics!

Even though I have never considered myself to be a “star wars geek”, I still owned a lightsaber and a Star Wars Lego kit when I was younger. I noticed the Star Wars trend throughout school, so I decided to become a part of the pop culture phenomenon. Lunch boxes, clothes, action figures, and toys featuring the movie and its characters were everywhere. Star Wars was becoming extremely popular everywhere and has yet to stop growing today. The large franchise extended to other memorabilia like games and costumes, but also started to have Star Wars conventions. These conventions allowed anyone who had interest in the movies/books, mainly the obsessed nerds, to come and meet their favorite characters, dress up, and be surrounded by everything Star Wars.

When Star Wars first came out in the movies, the special effects and the idea of space travel was very appealing and popular. The movies introduced the idea of there being another galaxy filled with action and good vs. evil. This interesting new concept drew in crowds of curious people, especially the younger generation. On That 70s Show, Eric becomes enthralled with Star Wars once seeing the first movie in theater. His skeptical father, Red, questions Eric’s obsession until he goes and sees the movie for himself. Throughout the seasons, Eric continues his obsession and tries to teach Red the basic characters from Star Wars. You can see one of Eric’s attempts in this YouTube video.

C3PO at Tatooine, the dangerous crime filled desert.

Who would I kill if I was the Jedi heading towards Tatooine? Since I am not as familiar with the characters and locations in Star Wars, I decided to ask my boyfriend, who is a huge fan of the movies, books, comics, and video games. He informed me that this is a trick question. I was going to say Jar Jar Binks because he is an aquatic animal and Tatooine is an arid dry desert. However, my boyfriend informed me that “a Jedi doesn’t kill, unless in self-defense or for the Jedi Order, because they view all life as sacred.” Therefore, if I was the Jedi, I would most likely not kill anyone, especially not Jar Jar and the Ewok.

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