Who doesn’t want a Lightsaber?

My Mom is a Star Wars nerd and so is my Dad for the most part.  We don’t just own the movies; we have all of the novels that delve in to the Star Wars universe after the movies were over.  Therefore, it is impossible to know when I first saw Star Wars.  I remember sitting in my Mom’s dressing room as a little girl pretending to be Princess Leia.  I have seen Episodes IV, V and VI at least ten times and Episodes I, II, and III at least five times.

Star Wars jokes are so funny

Star Wars is simply Star Wars.  Like Gordon proposes, Star Wars is so incredibly popular because of its classic storyline.  The viewer is taken to “a galaxy far far away” leaving the real world behind and simply focusing on good overcoming evil.  In my opinion, it is similar to reading your favorite book.  Every time you read it, you are able to picture yourself literally inside the pages of the book, leaving your comfy reading spot behind.

Star Wars is unique because we don’t actually know if it does exist.  There could be Wookies and Wwoks running around in the galaxy, maybe there are even a few Sith Lords too.  The point is that we don’t know.  This fact is what makes Star Wars so appealing and still popular today.  While George Lucas created the story himself, we don’t know if it could someday become a reality (check here to read discussions about whether or not Star Wars is real).

What we do know however is that Star War’s fans can be crazy.  From the person who has only seen a few of the movies to someone who owns all of the paraphernalia, every single fan at one point wishes they could be a Jedi.  I mean, who doesn’t want a lightsaber?  My brother has a toy one that I would sneak around and play with when he wasn’t home.  Therefore, if I were a Jedi and had to sacrifice my shipmates using my awesome lightsaber, I would have to sacrifice the Ewok simply from a utility perspective.  C3P0 knows everything, R2D2 can do anything technical, and Jar Jar Binks can reach things on a shelf and speak my language.  It would be hard to kill the Ewok because they are so cute (click here for an adorable picture) but I know it would have to be done.

For me, it is hard to believe that there are people who don’t enjoy Star Wars.  However, I am always impressed how people know Star Wars even if they haven’t seen it.  I mean, you can make a Wookie noise and basically everyone will laugh.  For me, that is the sign of a great and entertaining franchise.

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