You Don’t Know Star Wars?!

Star Wars and I have never mixed well. I have never sat down to watch the movies, but nor have I ever had even the slightest desire to do so. My little exposure comes from middle school band, where on the last few days of class the band director rewarded us with Star Wars movie days. But I had zero interest, and spent the whole time passing notes.

From the outside, this phenomenon is very intimidating. I feel that I am expected to know about it, since everyone does, so I often find myself nodding to Star Wars references, just so I appear to know what the person is talking about in order to avoid the inevitable (and awkward) “YOU HAVEN’T SEEN STAR WARS?!” Nope. I have zero interest in most things that are science fiction (no Harry Potter or Twilight either… I am a social outcast). But I feel pressure from society to at least pretend that I know about it, so as not to disrupt the peace.

I struggle to understand how the franchise has grown so much. I can understand the appeal of the movie, especially once it was made clear to me by Andrew Gordon that it is a new twist on a western. The drama, the music… I get how that could be cool. But I am confused as to how the culture emerged. I have had plenty of movies that I love, but I did not go create iron-ons to show everyone my love.

As for the hypothetical situation, I would guess that the Ewok would get the boot. I have heard of the other things, but not the Ewok, so I imagine that it is less noteworthy than the more popular crewmates.

This is my kind of Star Wars

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