So Sorry Ewok.

My memory of my first encounter with the Star Wars saga is a bit hazy, since I have always remembered it being there, but never really ever getting into the whole Star Wars phenomenon. As a young girl, I remember owning the set of all six VHS movies with a vague memory of actually watching them. While I’m not necessarily the Star Wars expertise, I can say that it is a franchise that has become a part of our culture and has had an impact on the lives of past generations, as well as the present and future generations to come.

An Ewok!

It has become such an influence on our generation that even schools have required the viewing of this movie for educational purposes. In English class my sophomore year of high school, while studying the topic of archetypes, my teacher chose Star Wars (I honestly have no clue which one it was, for some reason I want to say Return of the Jedi, but I’m not sure) as the perfect film to teach us how to identify them. We have character archetypes such as Luke Skywalker, the hero, Darth Vader, the evil villain, Yoda, the mentor, and Princess Leia, the Damsel in Distress. Then there are situational archetypes, such as the quest, and symbolic archetypes, such as good versus evil. My cousin even mentioned having a mandatory Star Wars lock-in while in high school where the students were required to watch all six movies to analyze the symbolism and importance of this film.

It is evident that something about this film has had such an appeal to millions of people and has had a tremendous impact on our society today. You can always make references to Star Wars and still make the connection even when one has never even watched the actual film before. Tons of metaphors can be pulled out of this set of trilogies, that it has become almost a natural and custom part of our lives, without really taking into account how incredible that a simple movie saga can revolutionize our way of thinking and even learning. The reason Star Wars has become such a huge franchise, not only is the science fiction/supernatural aspect of it a huge attraction, but the fact that its distinctive and unique plot consists of many significant elements that can be interpreted by viewers several ways.

If I was a Jedi on the spaceship Millennium Falcon, and had make the decision to sacrifice either Jar Jar Binks, R2D2, C3Po, or an Ewok in order to save the life of others, I would have to go with killing off an Ewok. I have no recollection of an Ewok having any significant role, and if it did I can’t remember. Therefore, the Ewok gets chosen to die in this scenario. I honestly have no real reason for doing so and just based off a wild guess, hopefully an Ewok isn’t very important. If it is, oh well, may the force be with him.

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