I am a terrible Star Wars fan…

There are a couple memories when I think of Star Wars and my childhood growing up. Remember the days when going to the movies cost around five to six bucks, well if you don’t remember I understand. I remember being with my mom and brother, and as rebellious as we were, we stayed in the theaters to watch all three of the “older” trilogy.  I would not say I was not a huge Stars Wars fan/nerd/geek, but I did watched the movies and by all means did enjoy every single one of George Lucas’ films in the series. During this time, I was seven, just a little guy and most likely didn’t understand the connections, but as for its action and special effects it was entertaining without a doubt. As for school, during recess all the kids had their own little action figures and space ships/destroyer Millennium Falcon.  Also, I remember the light saber fights, which I got a detention for, but well worth it. I did not though. I did partake in the battles by having some of friends lend me their toys, but this just shows how devout of a fan I was. I was not a huge one at all. 

I do remember eventually watching the “older” again during the time the when the “newer” or “originals sequences/prequels were released during the late 90s or early 2000s. I never read the books or comics, just the movies themselves. I do not own any of the movies when they were released to DVD. I think my lack of understanding when I was a little guy decreased my interest. I honestly enjoyed the racing, shooting, scenes, that I guess during the time was new flavor to the movie world. I was never a Jedi or droid for Halloween. I guess I categorize myself as a passive fan.

I think the popularity came from its originality. George Lucas though he does reference many other films in his movies, the storyline and concept is like any other. The age of viewing is not as important because like me the graphics and specials effects were just so cool! For the older viewers, they could catch the background story, but even without the knowledge a viewer of any age could watch and still enjoy the films.  Like any popular fad, Star Wars had every line of product one could think of. I feel that Stars Wars is an icon to the movie industry. One could not watch the films themselves, but I am sure if they heard theme song, saw a picture of a Jedi, or any reference to the film itself, they could say it is Star Wars related. I can somewhat compare its popularity and iconicity to today’s Harry Potter and Apple products.


My answer to this hypothetical scenario of whom I would sacrifice is funny. It takes some thought. I final decision would be sacrificing C3PO. My memories of C3PO can be generalized into two statements: funny or annoying. For me, it was a tension breaker. His one lines and just how he looked was just awkward. My close second was Jar Jar Binks, but he actually fought and was somewhat productive. C3PO was there. Iconic character, but to me not very “important.” The decision really boiled down to that was more productive. R2D2 was the brains. “He” was the Luke Skywalker’s third eye. Sacrificing an Ewok is just terrible. Those there are like pandas. They were cute looking but god they can be mean.

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