I run with Jedis but I’m more of a Queen

Having a brother as an avid fan and a father as a movie guru would naturally inhibit me to have seen the star wars movies. You can not consider me an expert of the franchise in the least but I do know and ( I may not always want to admit) like the movie series. The first time Star Wars made a permanent stay in our home, was in 1999 when Star Wars: Episode 1- The Phantom Menace as seen in a trailer here, came out. After that my brother was a Jedi for life, and I as always following in his footsteps became an armature fan. It even extended to the point where my first grade costume choices were narrowed down between the pink Power Ranger and Queen Amidala. Naturally when my brother chose to be a Jedi I stuck by Queen Amidala. 

After the attention of the first movie died down (it had been 16 years since the release of the last Star Wars movie!) my own attention faded and was not to be unleashed again until the next big wave of Star Wars mania. However for the new generation of fans, like my brother, the franchise had struck gold, renewing not only the fans from the original series(a clip of that 7o’s show clearly punctuates the phenomenon star wars created even then!) but gaining and taking the 21st century by storm. It’s easy to see why Star Wars engages the imagination and invents a whole other reality! With a rich history within the plot, loveable heroes and an iconic villain, anybody can easily fall into the movie and come out wanting to slash clone troopers and speak like master Yoda.  And unlike series that have just faltered with time (sorry Trekkies!) Star Wars has grown and grown into a gigantic empire(no pun intended). Largely due to amazing special effects and fair acting, the franchise holds even those who do not like to consider themselves “geeks”, as captive audiences.

The sheer genius of the Star Wars legacy resides not only in the ultimate galaxy plot, but in the way it has extended to multiple genres of media as well. Even if I had not been introduced to it because of the movies I would have professed myself a fan because of the awe inspiring video game Star Wars Battle Front II. Once again, my brother being a typical boy and addicted Xbox player, got me hooked. The way the game is set up really makes you feel like a Jedi(or storm trooper depending on which side you pick). And the sound effects and storyline contribute to the overall effect of a universe you can now be part of it!

The hardest question that can be posed is who to be sacrificed while flying on the Millennium Falcon. However given the very difficult choice between Jar Jar Binks, R2D2, C3PO, and an Ewok, I would have to sacrifice the Ewok. It is very sad but all the other characters play such big roles, even if just in an iconic sense. Actually if speaking of R2D2 I believe he has helped the good side out of many jams.

A costume of Queen Amidala, the likes of which I showcased in the first grade.

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