It’s a Trap!

Being number four in a family of six kids it’s no wonder that I was introduced to Star Wars at an early age. I literally thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen and quickly became crazy for all things Star Wars. I had multiple toy lightsabers (they break too quickly!) as well as many Star Wars Lego toysets. My brothers and I would beg my mom to let us watch a Star Wars movie (our favorite was Return of the Jedi) before nap time and then promptly have mock space battles with our Lego ships when we woke up. And by battles I mean we threw Legos at each other pretending they were laser beams until my mom came and broke up the fight

*Pew Pew*

I know that George Lucas intended his original trilogy to be a reflection of his childhood and the world he grew up in, but to me and my siblings it was a fantasy world where anything was possible. My mom actually has a video tape somewhere of her asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I said “A Jedi knight!”. Talk about embarrassing. But at the same time it shows just how awesome we thought these movies were and still are. What about Star Wars doesn’t appeal to a little kid or even a teenager? It’s got action, drama, romance, intensity, everything a movie needs to appeal to the male brain. On that topic I would also go so far to say as the movie definitely seemed to appeal to the guys in my family over the girls. And the parts the girls liked were because Luke is “soooooo dreamy”.

If I were stranded on a spacecraft with Jar Jar Binks, R2D2, C3Po, and an ewok and had to kill one to survive then the obvious choice is Jar Jar Binks. First off, and ewok is small and probably has very little meat on them, even though they are fat. Also, they’re cute as nothing else and I would definitely need something to cuddle with. R2D2 and C3PO both have practical purposes like helping me fly the plane and generally being hilarious and badass. But Jar Jar Binks, not only would he probably taste like a giant fish stick, but he is straight up annoying. Honestly, even without the stipulation that I had to kill someone, I probably would go ahead and kill him anyways but in a way that makes it look like an accident, he’s that annoying. Out of any character in the entirety of the Star Wars there is not a single one that I can think of who is more annoying then Jar Jar Binks.

Overall I would say that Star Wars was an integral part of my life. Lord of the Rings also played a major role in my childhood but between these two films I grew up wanting to be a hero. It’s very possible that these movies are the cause of my strong feelings of patriotism, they instilled in me a notion of righteousness and what is good in life. Who knew fantasy movies could shape someone so much?

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