Lets play media Monopoly!

Star Wars…well personally, it is not something that I have ever sat down and taken the time to watch. There are two reasons for this: first of all the fact that people who are into Star Wars usually have some aspect in their life revolve around it, and second of all, I have no interest in watching robots, humans, and aliens interact and live together. I am not the kind of movie fanatic that obsesses over movie series, and goes and buys paraphernalia afterwards to become more in-depth in the meaning of the movie and its characters. 

Addictiveness is another reason why I am refraining from the Star Wars series. I tend to, or at least with TV shows, start them and do not get back up until the season is finished. I am not a fan of cliff hangers, so I just watch the whole season. But it all comes back to me not being interested in watching the interactions among robots, aliens, and humans! And I feel strongly about that, I stick to movies involving humans. The whole series of Star Wars has taken over so many people’s’ lives, and influenced so many people to the point of writing languages  that are based on Star Wars. It to me has become to seem like Star Wars is a media version of a monopoly, as it has taken over, and become so large that it is unmanageable I think.

lets all see how much of a society we can take over!

I am not hinting at Star Wars fans being “whipped” though, because everyone has something that they are “whipped” over! I just choose to have it be something other than a movie. The reason behind it becoming this big I think is due to the fact that many people get hooked on movie-book series. A few other examples would be Twilight, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings.

From what I have heard, and read, the story line is very intense, yet easy to follow which is also another reason why people get hooked. If it was difficult to understand, and didn’t follow along with the books, people would not be as inclined to stay “in the know” and follow along with every release, and every update to the plot line.

Many people who I have over heard have spoken negatively about Jar Jar…From the


things they have said, I have to honestly say that I would sacrifice him. I am not one who likes getting in trouble (of course nobody likes getting in trouble…) but I do not like people who get me into trouble. Jar Jar is a little trouble maker, that supposedly would be perfectly fine to get me into trouble, and cause trouble in my life, which is what I need least. Most people I think would thoroughly agree with my decision to sacrifice him if his personality is how I heard it described!

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