Star Wars: Childhood Memories

The first time I ever saw a Star Wars movie was probably when I was around 6 or 7, when my dad and I watched the first film that was released together.  My dad had adored the original trilogy when he was younger and so we used to watch all three of them multiple times, and I developed a love for the series as well.  As the most recent three movies came out, I watched them both in theaters and out with my dad and other friends as well, and we really enjoyed the action scenes.  Truthfully, I miss Star Wars and the memories I have gained from it.  Ever since it was brought up in class I have strongly considered watch these movies again, although I have seen each one at least three times.

I think that the Star Wars franchise is extremely appealing due to the fact that it brought to the table some brand new ideas, many of which had never been seen in film.  Who wouldn’t like an action film that is set in a variety of different galaxies, where humans, robots, and various other forms of the extra terrestrial coexist with one another.  This series was so prominent that it has been passed down from my parent’s generation to my generation, and therefore has done a great job of maintaining its popularity.  Although it is still quite famous among children, I do feel that it is unfortunately losing its demand, and will eventually be significantly less prominent.  There is a famous saying that all great things come to an end, and although this has been an insane run for the franchise that includes movies, apparel, video games, comics, etc., it will subside slowly but surely.

This coming-to-an-end will deeply upset me, due to the fact that Star Wars appears so visible when I look back on my childhood. I even dressed up as the famous villain , Darth Maul for Halloween one year!  This was probably my favorite character from the serious,

My crazy costume

and was one who wielded a double edged light saber that was the source of a lot of destruction in the first movie.

Hypothetically, if I was on the Millennium Falcon and were in the terrible situation of having to sacrifice one of the characters, the decision would be quite simple in my opinion.  C3PO never failed to annoy me, and there are many reasons for which I back this claim.  He is always a burden, getting himself into trouble and essentially making the rest of the crew come and rescue him.  Without him, they would be much more efficient in fighting against evil! Also, this robot always has some stupid witty comment that always managed to upset me and ruin my mood for watching the movie.  As bad as it sounds, the Star Wars world could do without him.

Star Wars has brought about a collection of amazing memories, through the action, music, and special effects as well as the characterization of many cool characters.  I will always have these adventures close to my heart.

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