Star Wars Episode What?

I am pretty sure that for the first ten years of my life I had never heard of Star Wars. It wasnt until I had a five-year old brother that I ever heard anything about it. It’s funny because I had a light saber toy at one point when I was younger but I just thought it was a cool light up sword I had no idea where it was from.

when my brother turned five, Star Wars Episode 1 came out. he was OBSESSED to say the very least. He wanted a pod racer so bad it was ridiculous! When I first watched this movie I really liked it and I thought it was the only movie of Star Wars. I had no idea that three other movies came out before that one.

When I became a little bit older, like 15, I noticed all the new star war movies coming out but by that time, Star Wars was out and boys were in. I refused to watch any more of the Star Wars movies, as it might have hurt my “social status”. No offense to anyone, but I thought it was only for nerds (Let me put it this way, my brother dressed up like Darth Vader to every movie the day it came out, I was mortified). Now my view has changed I respect that fan culture. I watched an episode once of MTV’s True Life: I Have Embarrassing Parents, and one of the boys on that show had parents that were obsessed with Star Wars. They would dress up like storm troopers and jedis then go to these huge conventions. They were talking about how much each suit cost and I was amazed. It gave me a whole new appreciation for the fans. They pay a lot of money and really dedicate a lot of time towards everything Star Wars.

I think this franchise has become so immense because it has such a large fan base, meaning you have fans that were fans since the 70’s and new fan. Lucas has very successfully gained a huge fan base by spanning out the movies over almost 40 years. I also think that anyone of any age can relate to it. It has the original characters that the older fans enjoy and follow and the new CGI and action for the younger fans. I think over time since new computer graphics has come out (and they don’t have to use plastic spaceship models anymore), it has brought more appeal to people of my generation.

Most annoying character.

If I had to kill one of the group, it would definitely be R2D2. He doesn’t speak english, he just sits there and beeps. I have no idea how anyone understands him. At least C3PO is close to a human in that he can talk and has some sort of intelligent function. He has no arms or hands so he’s not that useful. The only thing he’s good for is holograms but im pretty sure I could make C3PO do that somehow. It wasn’t a very hard decision. I really don’t like R2D2.

Actually I would love to catch up and learn more about Star Wars!

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