Star Wars is for Boys!!!

Star Wars came out in 1977. My parents were in their twenties, almost out of college. My dad is not really into science fiction stuff so I doubt he was the biggest fan. My mother probably only went to see the first movie with a guy she was on a date with just to impress him. She also was and still is not a big science fiction fan as well. (Thats probably one of the many reasons my parents got along.) About the time I was born in the early nineties, there was a break in the Star Wars movies. Not until 1998 – 1999, was there any excitement about the movies. I only knew about the movies because I saw commercials for the movie on Nickelodeon and also got little figurines of Star Wars characters in my Happy Kids meals at McDonalds. The toys were always so scary so I had no desire to see the movies. To this day I have not seen a movie nor do I want to. It bothers me that the hairy guy cant talk but he can make the weird noise.

I think Star Wars fans are crazy!! I looked up about the crazy fanatics and there is a convention for all of them to gather. This convention website explain how some people dress up in crazy costumes and light sabers are sold for a ridiculous amount of money. It seemed insane to me. Watching the clips in class, I was so confused. I kept asking myself why so many people like that weird stuff. But then again I should give it a chance. My cousin who is six loves Star Wars. He has every leggo possible that relates to Star Wars and has watched every movie more than once.

There are old people out there who pass on their love for Star Wars to their kids and then so on and so on. Star Wars has almost become a must watch classic. There are also many toys still out in the world that promote the movie. George Lucas is an icon. He was the first one to use all the special effects such light saber fighting and inter galactic scenery. It is kind of cool to see where most science fiction movies these days get their inspiration. 

I would personally sacrifice the hairy guy.  I think his name is Chubacca. He doesn’t talk so he cant be all that helpful and he is quite annoying listen to. It’s like a gargle noise.

Chewbacca with gun

I talked to a lot of fans and the majority of them said they would sacrifice C3P0. Overall I heard he is a “smart ass.” Another popular character hated among many is Jar Jar because he was placed in the film primarily to attract children.

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