Star Wars is Here to Stay

Once I saw Star Wars, I was automatically addicted. The first movie I saw was in 2nd grade. My parents went away for the weekend and my grandma came to stay with me and my sister. The first night she was there, she said I had to see this movie called Star Wars. We started a marathon that weekend and didn’t stop till I had seen the original first three and the first one of the second set of movies. I loved the fantasy and adventure of it all. I had never seen that type of movie, where it was a completely new world full of excitement. There are so many characters and worlds where anything is possible, and people can hop from planet to planet in space ships. After that weekend, I watched them over and over again, and watched each new one that came out. However, I haven’t seen any of them since 6th grade, when the last movie came out. As I grew older I slowly lost interest. But there are always times when I’ll see a poster or clip of one of the movies and crave a Star Wars marathon. 

I think these franchises have become so big because it is a form of escapism for many people. Fans relate to the characters, putting themselves in the world of Star Wars, even creating languages from the movie to fully immerse themselves. Stars Wars is popular for the same reason that video games or the online game “Second Life” is: people can be part of a world that is more exciting than their own. I’ve heard that a lot of people also like it because technically it can be real, too. Although we all know its not, its can be fun to pretend it is. Every movie starts with “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” It lets the imagination believe that it really could happen; we really could be taping into a magical world that exists somewhere. There is also so much detail and realism about it. It is an epic plot line, the ultimate defeat of good over evil. I think the hype is slowly starting to die down, however. The newer generations, although they still appreciate Star Wars, doesn’t have the same love that older generations have. I don’t think Star Wars will ever disappear from our culture, but it has lost a lot of its power and influence.

Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Hans Solo are iconic characters that are recognizable to almost every person in America.

Star Wars was never extremely popular among my friends. In fact, most of my friends have never seen Star Wars. However, I knew it was very popular in the media world because so many things referenced it, and Stars Wars backpacks, posters, and t-shirts were everywhere. But I was never really around it a lot. There can also be a nerdy connotation related to Star Wars, which turned many people away I think. I remember being slightly embarrassed when I started watching the movies in 2nd grade. But its like Harry Potter in a way. The people that do watch them, love them, so there is always a tight following that sticks together. I feel like Star Wars has the ability to connect two strangers together because you can talk about it for hours, and so many people are so passionate about it. People have even created websites completely dedicated to furthering the world of Star Wars, and helping make it more of a reality. For example, Wookieepdia is a Star Wars version of Wikipedia, where people can search any Star Wars character or something related to Star Wars, and get its definition and importance.

I think choosing between Jar Jar Binks, R2D2, C3P0 and an Ewok is a very difficult decision. Each adds so much to the movie, and are characters I have grown to love. However, if I had to, I would choose an Ewok. I came to this decision by the process of elimination. Right away, I knew I wouldn’t choose Jar Jar Binks. He adds so to the movie “The Phantom Menace”. His character is very enduring and makes the movie more humorous. He also becomes close friends to many of the characters. I liked his storyline too much to kill him. I also wouldn’t kill R2D2 or C3P0 because they are iconic, and help define what Star Wars is. They are in every single movie and play major roles throughout. Both robots help win battles and help aid many character developments. I feel like if you killed one of them off, Star Wars would change. So although I love Ewoks, they didn’t quite measure up to the level of importance of other vital characters. The plot doesn’t evolve around them as much.

Star Wars will always be very important in our world of pop culture. I think that it will outlast such fades as Harry Potter, and especially Twilight. It has already been carried down successfully to other generations, and is beloved by many. Star Wars is here to stay.



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