Star Wars, Star Trek. . .Who Really Knows the Difference?

Star Wars Pod Racing Video Game

I must admit that I have never seen an entire Star Wars movie. My dad tried to introduce them to me when I was younger, but I could not get into them at all. My younger brothers seemed to like the Star Wars movies though. When they got a little older I think they even had a Star Wars video game. I’m pretty sure it was space ship racing, but I really can’t be sure. Personally, I always got Star Wars and Star Trek confused. My dad would watch Star Trek on television and to me the Star Wars movies and the Star Trek television show looked exactly the same. Thanks to The Big Bang Theory and That 70’s Show, I have since learned the difference.

Even though I have never watched Star Wars, it has been obvious to me that the movies are an important part of popular culture. There are references that I pick up on in the television shows I watch like I mentioned, and I’m sure there are many more references out there that I don’t pick up on because of my lack of exposure to the Star Wars franchise. However, I think the fact that I can pick up on these references despite never having seen the movies speaks for itself. Star Wars is everywhere.

I think some of the popularity of the Star Wars movies can be attributed to the fact that everything is happening in a universe that is not ours. The rules can be different. Also, like Michael Rogin quoted in his article, Independence Day, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Enola Gay,  “Aliens are the best movie villans since Nazis.” From what I have seen of Star Wars in my internet browsing, there are a lot of characters that are aliens or non-human that could make the politically correct villans that Rogin discusses.

If I was a Jedi on the spaceship Millennium Falcon and I had to choose between Jar Jar Binks, R2D2, C3P0, and an Ewok to sacrifice to save everyone else, I think I would have a very difficult choice. I watched video clips of each of these characters, and my first instinct would be to sacrifice one of the robots, either R2D2 or C3P0. This would be difficult still because these robots seem almost human. C3P0 speaks like a human and somehow R2D2 conveys emotions with his little beeps. However, in the end I think I would choose the sacrifice R2D2 because he seems to be the least human-like of the group. I have no idea who the fans would chose to sacrifice. Maybe R2D2 is more important than I realize.

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