Star Wars…what’s that?

I grew up having no clue about Star Wars and I blame my parents for that. The first encounter I ever had with Star Wars was in 4th grade. I can thank my best friend at the time for introducing me to the franchise. Her and her family thought it was crazy that I had never heard of the Star Wars movies. They took it on as their job to begin educating me. Here is the first Star Wars clip I ever watched, it was the trailer for Episode III. I was sitting in my friend’s living room when I saw it. I went with her and her family to see Star Wars: Episode II and Star Wars: Episode III.

Star Wars: Episode III

Before going to the movies to see both of those movies they made sure I watched all the other Star Wars movies I had missed.  They were determined to make a Star Wars fan out of me.  Unfortunately I never fell in love with Star Wars but I never became a hater of the franchise either.

To be honest I never understood the obsession people have with Star Wars. The people who love Star Wars REALLY love it. For example, my best friend’s bother is completely and utterly obsessed with Star Wars. I mean he could recite lines and retell the movies if necessary. Talking badly of Star Wars around him actually angers him. I have seen him defend Star Wars at many different occasions. I understand loving a movie and watching it more than once but being so in love with something it upsets you when someone talks badly about it is beyond me. To me the phenomenon is a little extreme at times but I am not one to judge.

I believe this franchise has been so successful because it’s constantly changing. New episodes didn’t stop coming out till 2005 when I was in 6th grade. This constant introduction of a new episode allowed younger generations to became fans while old fans continued to watch the new movies. The fan base of Star Wars only grows with time.

Since I am not a huge fan of Star Wars I can only make a wild guess of who fans would most likely sacrifice. I would say fans would mostly likely sacrifice Jar Jar.

Jar Jar

I only say this because when I hear people talk about Star Wars nothing positive is ever said about Jar Jar and I have never heard anyone say Jar Jar is their favorite character.

In the end I don’t love Star Wars but I am not a hater. If one of the many movies is on TV I won’t change the channel. I will sit and watch the entire movie and enjoy it. A part of me feels like I missed out not being introduced to Star Wars from the beginning but I am glad I was able to learn about it eventually.

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