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The first time I can remember really hearing about Star Wars and being aware of what the films represented was when they started coming out with the newer movies, which are actually prequels… Confusing, but anyway, I think I have only seen the newer movies and I have only seen them once or twice.  I have seen parts of all of the movies so I have a good Idea of what the whole series is about but not enough to know specific scenes.  To be honest most of what I know comes from this song.  I want to watch them all but my parents were not huge fans (not that they didn’t like the films but they didn’t go out of their way to have me watch them) of the films so we never rented them when I was a child.  I feel like I am missing something in my life having not seen any of the originals in full!

Stereotypical Star Wars fan

I think I have a fairly decent understanding of the Star Wars franchise.  I can see how people can get wrapped up in the story and how carefully constructed it was, I can see how people can wish that they had the abilities that Jedi’s have, and I can see how people can collect movie memorabilia and paraphernalia but I can’t understand how people can go to  Star Wars conventions with descriptions of events like these!  Not that it doesn’t look like fun, but people will travel across the world to be there.  My favorite part of this convention is the speed dating event, because Star Wars fanatics are often stereotyped as geeks and single!

I honestly cannot tell you how Star Wars has become such hit.  Maybe it’s the whole clear good vs. evil thing that came about in a time where the country wasn’t sure who was good and bad after the Vietnam War.  It could be that people really enjoy fantasizing about outer space and these films have every bit of fantasy that we can imagine happening in space.  I really don’t see it, but maybe it’s because I haven’t seen all of the movies.  Maybe i’m afraid I’ll turn into a crazy fan too if I see all of the movies… I don’t know

If I had to sacrifice a character to save the lives of myself and others I would probably sacrifice C3P0.  I would choose C3P0 because I haven’t seen him really do anything special.  Plus he is a robot so we could just make another one once we got to Tatooine.  I know almost all real fans would get rid of Jar Jar Binks (they probably wouldn’t have let him on the Falcon in the first place!), just from experiences where I have heard much disdainful talk regarding Jar Jar.  I personally think that he is very funny and quite an interesting character.  It’s not really a tough decision because he is a robot and can be remade.

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I love to do anything outside, I especially love to golf! I enjoy listening to all types of music, catching up on all my favorite television series, and playing an occasional video game.
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