You can be a Jedi too

I, like many others, do not remember my first encounter with Star Wars. I have always known it. Since I was little I had Star Wars items, played video games, and watched the movies. I played a lot of the Star Wars video games: Rogue Squadron(and its sequels), Knights of the Old Republic, Battlefront, and Jedi Knight. I had Star Wars lunch boxes, and at one time, bedding.

I have seen all of the films multiple times. I have probably seen The Empire Strikes Back the most, and seen The Phantom Menace the least. I watch them whenever they are on TV, and they are still just as good. But why did I love it so much, and why do others?
I have never really thought about what the franchise became such a huge hit. I always loved it because it had warriors, good and evil, and awesome space battles. Of the many reasons other people like them, I think some like Star Wars because of the kid inside that wants to be a Hero with superhero like powers. Evidence of this lies in some of the games released. There have been several Role Playing Games(RPG) released, where you can be a Jedi. You follow a story, make decisions, and learn different powers based on your decisions. There are multiple paths, and your choices change the outcome of the games. If you want to do this, learn more at this game review about Knights of the Old Republic, an RPG where you can go Dark Side or Light Side, and craft your own Force legacy. Or, you can wait for the next Star Wars hit game, Star Wars Old Republic, due this Christmas.

Another possibility we discussed in class is that at the time Star Wars came out, America needed to establish and associate good and evil. Just coming from the Vietnam war, people were unsure about the sides of good and evil, and wanted to re-establish those sides. Although this may help explain its success, it does not explain its worldwide success. Worldwide, Star Wars has grossed as much money as domestically. As to why, possibly some of the same reasons above. Additionally, foreign cultures may be fascinated by Western Culture and what they try to do/teach with their movies.

If I could remove one character, it would have to be Jar Jar Binks. He played a small role in the first movie, and less than 10 lines in The Clone Wars, and Revenge of the Sith. I do not feel he added a lot to the movie. On top of that, I believe Obi-Won could have found and go help from the Gungans, without Jar Jar. After all, he was exiled by them. and I believe that Princess Amidala would have been able establish the Gungans as a race and led Obi-Won to contact them.

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