A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far Far Away….

I can’t exactly remember when I first watched Star Wars but since my dad is the biggest sci-fi junkie I have ever known I’m willing to bet he introduced it to me pretty early. Whether or not I was actually paying attention to what I was watching is an entirely different issue. However the first time I remember actually watching Star Wars was three years ago when I was doing a project for my Spanish about it and I had to watch it to actually know what I was talking about. I watched Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. I actually really enjoyed it. I thought it was pretty cool even for having older special effects and I thought the story line was good. I would definitely watch more of the movies I just have never found the chance.

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.... The one and only Star Wars movie I have seen.

I think it’s pretty obvious why so many people love the Star Wars franchise. The movies (from what I have seen) are good and they exhibit classic “good versus evil” theme. They are thrilling and keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more. I think what also makes them extraordinarily popular is the fact that they are all based in an almost entirely fictional world and that fictional world is incredibly detailed. The fact that these various planets, governments, creatures, technologies are so explicitly detailed and realistic adds a lot more credibility to the plot of the movie and really brings the audience into it. I also strongly believe that viewers love to see films that are mostly fictional because it lets their imaginations run wild and they get to fantasize about this totally different world. It’s just like the Harry Potter franchise in that it’s theme is good vs. evil, it’s almost entirely based in a fictional world, it has many aspects to it (creatures, spells, objects, etc) that are incredibly detailed and realistic and all of that fascinates us. Not to mention the plot of the Harry Potter films definitely leaves us wanting to know what’s next after each movie just like in Star Wars.

I think that people’s love and obsession with Star Wars has grown or at least stayed the same over the years. I figure all of the people who loved the Star Wars movies when they first came out still love them the same and the love for the franchise has only grown more as later generations continue to be introduced to the movies. There are also Star Wars legos, video games, shirts, costumes, references, and much more that are still very popular with young and old to this day. I know a lot of people from both ends of the age spectrum that love Star Wars and have serious obsessions with it. I worked for a family over the summer and the father and son are both obsessed with Star Wars. Everything that had to do with the franchise they own. All the movies, figurines, legos, video games, books, encyclopedia, shirts, sheets, collectors items. They have EVERYTHING. The father and son have gone to every Star Wars Celebration for the last three years as well. The annual Star Wars Celebration is another example of how Star Wars continues to have a large number of followers that are still obsessed with it.

If I were a Jedi flying on the Millennium Falcon to Tatoonie along side Jar Jar Binks, R2D2, C3Po and an Ewok and learned I had to sacrifice one of them in order to save my own life and the life of others I would definitely kill Jar Jar Binks. From what I have read about him he seems to be a pretty clumsy and annoying character that causes a lot of trouble. I would feel bad about it because apparently he’s pretty funny, loyal and means well, but I feel it would be more beneficial to save the two loyal and helpful robots and the smart and fierce warrior Ewok. I feel that people who have seen Star Wars would either kill the Ewok or Jar Jar Binks based on how much of a fan they are, how rationally they are evaluating the situation, and the connection they feel to the three main characters: Jar Jar Binks, R2D2, and C3Po. For those fans that have grown up with Star Wars and know the characters well they would probably not want to kill off Jar Jar, R2D2 or C3Po because they are all pretty important characters that are loyal and iconic. I feel that for the people who have seen Star Wars that don’t know the characters very well (such as myself) are able to make a more rational decision based on what would actually be the smartest. 

Jar Jar Binks is sad because I killed him.


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