Blog #5. Searching for comics for grown-ups

Art Spieglman's Maus is a comic book. It is also the only comic book to ever earn a Pulitzer Prize.

On Friday of last week, Dr. Delwiche made an impassioned plea for the notion that comics can be a powerful medium for creative expression. This week, your assignment is to search Google, Amazon, and other on-line sources for information about a comic book that you might someday be interested in reading. The comic book should be targeted toward grown-up readers (loosely defined), and it should not be Maus, Watchmen, or Dark Knight Returns. This should be a comic book that you have never read before.

After your research is finished, write a short (4 to 6 paragraph) blog posting in which you comment briefly on your previous experiences with the medium of comics, summarize your thoughts about Y: The Last Man, and share details about the grown-up comic book that you hope to someday read. This blog posting is due no later than 4:59 a.m. on the morning of Friday, November 4.

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