What in the World are Comic Books?

Growing up, I existed in a world where comics were seldom around. Most of my knowledge about comics came from movies, books, and television shows, where a character who was a comic book fiend was depicted as geeky. Due to this, I had a negative perception of comic books. My mom, dad, and sister never read comic books, and even my little brother, who loved Batman and Superman, did not read comics. Thus, never being around comic books led to an increase in my belief that people who read comics have geeky personas.

The only times when I was ever exposed to comics were when my grandpa visited. He liked to read the newspaper every morning, including the newspaper’s comic strips. Every once in a while, I would creep onto his lap and read the comic strips with him. These comics were typically about Charlie Brown, such as the Peanuts comic strips that are found in this YouTube clip. They were humorous, rather than about superheroes. As I previously mentioned on the Star Wars blog, action plots do not interest me, so any comic book about a superhero did not appeal to me.  Thus, the only medium of comics that I was exposed to as a child was humorous comic strips.

Because I had only been around comic strips meant to entertain newspaper readers, I was not at all looking forward to reading Y: The Last Man. However, as the book progressed, I found myself becoming more interested in the plot. While there were times in which I had trouble reading the book (I had trouble at points determining which speech bubble belonged to which character), for the most part, it was an easy and amusing read. It really intrigued me and forced me to think about what life would be like if all men die (I would not like to live in that world). The thing I liked least about Y: The Last Man was that the ending left me hanging. I was expecting to learn why Ampersand and Yorick were the only two males that survived the “gendercide.” Thus, when the book ended with me still not understanding why the two survived, I was extremely frustrated. However, overall, I surprised myself by enjoying the comic book.

One comic book that I would like to read one day, besides following volumes of Y: The Last Man, is 12 Reasons Why I Love Her.It is written by Jamie Rich and Joelle Jones.

This is the comic book that I would like to read one day.

This comic book is about a couple’s relationship, and it shows 12 different moments in said relationship, which illustrate why they love each other. It appeals to me because I have always liked to read/watch romance stories. It seems as though this comic book attempts to portray the idea that every couple has rough patches and that a strong couple can work through these tough moments. Thus, it appears as though this comic book will use its medium to express the power of love. I look forward to reading 12 Reasons Why I Love Her!

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