Are they just a bunch of pointless pictures?

Telling you that I was a big reader throughout my childhood would be as far from the truth as possible.  The only reading that I did do was the assignments that were forced upon me through school.  There was no aspect of “leisure reading” at all in my life.  As a result, my exposure to comics as a kid was next to nothing.

Of course I knew about Garfield, the big lasagna loving cat, and the marvel superheros such as Batman, Superman, and Spiderman who fascinated kids of all ages.  To be honest, the ideas of these characters fascinated me as well.  The only catch is that I was attracted to what I had heard about them and seen on a screen, and not by what I read and observed on a page.

     My eyes were opened on comics when I entered this very class and began to read Y: The Last Man.  First, let me explain my thoughts on this work after reading it.  It was completely “out there” and “risque” in regards to the violent and sexual image and speak, as well as the profanity.  But something about this caught me off guard, and actually attracted me.  I was thoroughly impressed by this comic, and it alone has established a general interest inside of me to read and experience more.  Now i’m going to be honest, one of the main reasons that I liked this comic a lot more than the books I’ve read is that is contains less words and more pictures, and therefore doesn’t bore me nearly as much.  I have found from within myself that my preferences when it comes to literature are less descriptive words and more descriptive pictures, for these allow to really understand what is going on.  I enjoyed this comment not just because of this small “word to picture ratio” but also because it was so crazy and weird that I found myself laughing and wanting more.  I have even considered reading more of the series. because this episode kind of left on a blank note.

As for another comic that I would be interested in reading in the future, I searched and located one that is called  Rock and Roll (2005).  This appealed to me specifically because I have a love and passion for rock music that has lived inside me throughout my childhood, and I feel that I could really connect with what the book entails.  Also, reading a descriptive

Potential Comic for the Future?

and detailed book on the music would only bore me with all of the words.  With the comic, the pictures would be a great help in aiding my overall enjoyment of reading this information.  I will definitely look into this series, for there is a good chance that it will appeal to my love for its subject.

When it’s all said and done, i’m very grateful that I had this experience with Y: The Last Man, for it has given me a greater appreciation for comics, which I had no intention of ever paying the slightest attention to.  My childhood was filled with sports, friends, family, and T.V., but no printed works.  That is one of my deepest regrets when I look back on how I grew up.  Comics aren’t just a bunch of pictures, they tell great stories and depict amazing and even tragic experiences through humor and creativity.

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One Response to Are they just a bunch of pointless pictures?

  1. corbanwilkin says:

    Always nice to hear about someone getting in to comics. I was never interested much in comics as a kid either (except for reading The Beano for a while), but now they’ve basically taken over my life! It’s a shame a lot of people still dismiss comics as some kind of sub-literature. Hopefully the sort of comics ‘renaissance’ we are going through will turn out to be a permanent thing.

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