Twilight as a Comic?

Superhero comic

I had never read an entire comic book until reading Y: The Last Man for this class. However, I had been exposed to comics. My dad had boxes filled with comics that I helped him sort and get ready to sell. Both of my brothers chose to keep some of my dad’s comics to read, but all of his comics were about superheroes which was not something that really grabbed my attention. I just sorted and counted and placed the comics into baggies without ever turning a page. I never even thought about comic books being about anything other than superheroes. 

When I first received my copy of Y: The Last Man, I was skeptical. I honestly did not think that I would ever enjoy reading a comic book. Thankfully, it turns out I was wrong. Once I started reading, I finished the entire book in one sitting. I just could not put it down. There weren’t even any spandex wearing superheroes or masked villans. Instead I was happy to find a story that was something I would have expected to see in novel form. One problem I had while reading Y: The Last Man was that I kept forgetting to look at the pictures. I have grown so accustomed to books without pictures that I often found myself quickly reading through the text and completely ignoring the pictures. I had to make a conscious effort to slow down and take in the pictures as an important part of the comic book experience.

Twilight in comic form

I started my search for comic books for adults on Google and was quickly overwhelmed by the results. I then turned to Amazon and was surprised by what I found. I quickly found out that adding in the word ‘adult’ to my search for comics yielded some pornographic comics – who knew? I also found that some novels and even television shows have been adapted into graphic novels. I was very surprised to find that Twilight has been made into a graphic novel, but there it was for sale on

The comic I found that I would probably read is Castle: Richard Castle’s Deadly Storm by Brian Bendis, Kelly DeConnick, Richard Castle, and Lan Medina. This graphic novel was released with the season three finale of the television show and is based off of a book written by a character in the show. I have never watched the show Castle, but I do know that it is a crime and mystery show. I enjoy reading mystery novels, so why not mystery comics? I found many more comics in addition to Castle: Richard Castle’s Deadly Storm under the subject mystery, and may be looking into reading some of them in the future.

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