Are you sure you flushed it?

This will sound ridiculous and you will probably think I’m lying. I can’t remember if I have ever read a comic book before Y: The Last Man. Please don’t judge me, but I seriously cannot remember. It’s like when you are not sure if you actually did flush the toilet on your first visit to your boyfriend’s house in a family dinner, or if you just think you did, but now you can’t go back to the restroom because everyone will be wondering what the hell are you doing going back and forth from there.  Or maybe those things just happen to me and that was a really bad example but just pretend like you know what I’m talking about.

I have some memories of touching some comic books but I’m not sure if I did open them. If I did, I’m not sure if I read them. Therefore it is fair to say Y: The Last Man was my first comic book. Before reading Y: The Last Man I thought comic books were for geeks and people who have obsessions with Japanese cartoons, superheroes, and girls with huge boobs and tiny waists.  I am an artist so I appreciate the art of the images in comic books but I still thought they were either for little kids or for random people like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory TV series. Now I consider myself as part of the random-people-gang since I ended up liking the comic book.

Probably because I’d never read a comic book before and since I am a visual learner all the images made it so easy to read and interesting. I liked it so much it took me three days to finish it (maybe for you that’s a long time but for someone who is a bad reader like me, it is amazing).

After really thinking about it though, I believe there is one specific Mexican term that suits the comic. Y: The Last Man is very “fumado.” For those of you who don’t speak Spanish or you just don’t know what that is… a Mexican “fumado” equals an American “way out there.” Other apocalyptic stories are crazy and fantasized too, so I didn’t find that rare for this plot. It is interesting how the story isn’t based in many of the “common” apocalyptic themes like climate changes, or alien attacks. It’s original and fun to read. In general I can say I enjoyed it and I would recommend it. I might even buy the other volumes.

I don’t plan on this being the first and last comic book I read. Pride of Baghdad by Brian K. Vaughan is my next target. Apparently, “you can put it right next to Watchmen. It’s that good.” –  It’s based in a true story, compared to Y: The Last Man this shouldn’t be a “fumado” comic book. It’s set in the spring of 2003 during the Iraq War. Four African lions escape from the Baghdad Zoo and during an American bombing raid they are walking in the streets finding a way to survive now that they are free though they could’ve easily lived in captivity. According to Wikipedia, It won the IGN award for best original graphic novel in 2006. Other reviews say it raises questions about the true meaning of freedom. Whether it can it be given, or if it’s earned. Moreover, Brian K. Vaughan also wrote Y: The Last Man, and he is one of the principal writers of the television series Lost which I really like. Therefore I will probably end up reading this comic book during the thanksgiving break.

OMG hold on… I just remembered I had read another comic book… For my media class too actually. Never mind then, that means that Understanding Comics was my first comic book and not Y: The Last Man. 

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