Comic Books are for Nerds

I had very little exposure with comic books prior to taking this class.  However, I’m rather pleased to announce that it is exposure nonetheless.  Initially when I think of comic books, the only thing that comes to mind are the notable superheroes like Batman and Spiderman, of which I never got past the cover page.  My experience with comic books comes from reading Fox Trot by Bill Amend.  I didn’t just occassionally read one or two comic strips in the newspaper either; I read every single one of the printed books cover to cover.  I grew up with two older siblings who went through a comic phase and got hooked on Fox Trot in high school.  So, being the follower that I am, I became obsessed too.  While I’ve never been a fan of the traditional comic books (and truthfully, probably never will be), I think I spent more of my childhood reading the Fox Trot comics than any other books.  I applaud Amend for providing my only exposure to comic books.

Bill Amend, the creator of Fox Trot, is a genius

When I was reading the Fox Trot books, it didn’t even occur to me that I was reading comic strips.  I only associated comics with the nerds they attracted and the superheroes they were about.  I admit, this was extremely stereotypical but, at the time, I had no real outside knowledge of the comic book world.  Granted, my opinion has changed immensely as I’ve gotten older and become more open-minded.  I may not be the type of person who sets foot in a comic book store or attends a comic book convention.  And I actually had no idea that Green Lantern was a comic book before it was a movie.  But, I do know that comic books have a lot more to offer than I thought. 

Since my prior exposure to comic books was minimal and a very long time ago, I really didn’t know what to think about Y: The Last Man. It did surprise me how entertaining it was.  When I heard that we were assigned to read a graphic novel, I was kind of expecting to be bored and confused.  That certainly wasn’t the case.  The plot was interesting and Yorick had some witty remarks up his sleeve.  Not to mention that, being female myself, it’s quite amusing to read about what the world would be like without all the men.  Plus, I’m a sucker for love stories so anything with romance gets my vote.  Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the book!  It kept my interest and though I probably won’t read it again in my spare time, it beats the heck out of any textbook. 

I enjoyed researching different grown-up comic books because it was all so new to me.  After careful consideration, I chose From Hell, written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Eddie Campbell.  My research led me to discovery that this comic book was turned into a movie starring  Johnny Depp, which I now plan on watching.  If I’m going to read a graphic novel, I want it to have an intense plot that holds my interest.  From Hell sounds oddly appealing.  An illigitimate love child, psychological killings and twisted mystery of Jack the Ripper’s identity have the potential to create a suspenseful and thrilling book.  I am no comic book buff but, that is one story I may not be able to pass up.

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