Comics: Child’s or Grow Up Reading?

Comic books, as much as they are geared towards children, have expanded over the years to include older aged readers.  Growing up, the Archie comics were all over the place; I could not walk through the check out isle at a store without seeing an Archie comic book, one that I have either read or never seen before.  Comics are simply to understand and easy to read, two attributes that make it geared towards children and teenagers.  However, who is to say that an adult cannot read a comic book?  With the growing popularity of the Marvel and DC movies, plenty of people are surely purchasing the comic books that inspired the big-budget films.  Age aside, comics should not target a single demographic; instead, everybody should be able to read comics, no matter how childish the books appear.

Y: The Last Man was a fantastic read.  I am not much of a comic book fan, but I found myself drawn into the book and was unable to set it down after I started reading.  The story itself was masterfully and the pictures helped reinforce and contributed to the story being told.  Brian Vaughan’s story was captivating; between the storyline itself and the characters intertwined in the plot, he shows that comics can draw readers of all ages.  The twists and turns, especially at the end of the novel, strengthen the story and progresses the readers along, making them wonder what will happen next.

In addition to the story, the underlying themes are very interesting as well.  The idea of being the last man on earth is almost unbelievable.  Vaughan, instead of making Yorick a character filled with desire to have sex with as many women as possible, chooses to make him above the sexual influence.  Yorick chooses to remain loyal to his girlfriends, even though she is thousands of miles away from him.  Vaughan, though his portrayal of Yorick, shows that womanizing is not always the best option.  Loyalty to one’s significant others is the one theme that sticks out to me the most.  That lesson is something that all men could learn by reading this book.  Now, if they choose to exercise their loyalty is up to them, but Vaughan makes it obvious that it is a lesson worthy of learning.

After my research, if there were one comic book that I could read, it would be The Walking Dead.  I have never seen the show nor read the comic books, but from what I hear, the show is awesome.  I feel that reading the comics first would be the way to go since the show most likely cut out parts.  Regardless, it would be fun and interesting to see the differences between the written work and the TV adaptation.  However, I would also want to continue reading the Y: The Last Man series.  The first book was great and it ended with a cliffhanger, leaving me wondering about the other four books.  It would not be surprising if I found myself at the bookstore sometime soon looking for the second book in the series.

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