Restricted to Sunday Funnies….

My comic experience only extends as far as the Sunday funnies of my hometown’s newspaper. This in itself is limited as only in high-school did I ever get the chance to read them and only until the issue was moved to the Tuesday printing to be more pc. As a result my comic consumption ended…what sleepy high-schooler will choose to read the comics than get ten more minutes to sleep. Not me.  So the graphic novel of the Y: The Last Man was quite new but fun.

Y: The Last Man is filled with highly controversial issues and ideas but presents strong opinions on nearly every topic. I do not think that this graphic novel had an agenda when it came to these contemporary debates, but rather was reminding its reader of these issues as his opinions are either surface level or unimportant to the overall plot. By presenting such dramatic views, Vaughen and Guerra provoke an emotional and cognitive response from their reader to critically look at the work. By drawing in his audience in such an effective way the deeper messages beyond political and sexuality, in its subtle undertone can be better appreciated. These are critics and thought provokers about the natural order of human existence, our evolution, technology, and a general societal critic around this “what-if” question.Overall I enjoyed this comic. As my first official full read of one it took me some time to appreciate the medium but in the end I came to understand what all the hype was about. The illustrations and word relationship really did support one another to create and interesting and new experience allowing for an active participation in the story present to you.

After scouring the Internet I found this really neat library data base that provides an array of comic books. The one I found most interested in is The Photographerby Emmanuel Guibert. Guibert uses black and white photographs and illustrations to record the 1986 events of Afghanistan during the Soviet War through the perspective o

The Photographer

f a reporter accompanying the Doctors Without Borders. This modern take on history intrigues me as it presents fact and fiction side by side through illustration choice to recount an historical event. I imagine it could present either an argument in the manner of a argumentative paper but using images (as they say a thousand words) or if it is a fun and more efficient method of recounting history to a broad audience.

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