Comic Books: A Parent’s Worst Nightmare?

The only comic books I have experience with are Garfield, Fox Trot, and other comic strips from the newspaper. I have almost every Garfield comic book, but I do not own any comic books like Maus or Y: The Last Man. I was never very interested in pursuing superhero or any other type of comic books. However, I wasn’t surprised that I enjoyed Y: The Last Man because I enjoy those type of books; the pictures keep my attention much longer than just words on a page.

Y: The Last Man intrigued me from the beginning because it introduced a bizarre idea right away; a world without men. When I usually think of comic books, I visualize more masculine themes that portray woman as weak and sex objects. A reoccurring theme throughout the book is an apocalyptic theme. According to this comic book review, Vaughan did a “great job with imagining the dark, dystopian, yet logical world.” The images on each page continually kept me reading, each page displayed the terror of everyone trying to survive.

Incorruptible #1

I searched Amazon and Google for different adult comic books for awhile. It took me some time to find one that caught my interest. Most of them were based on superheroes, like Batman and the Hulk. However, I finally came upon one that stuck out to me. Incorruptible by Mark Waid is about a super-villain, Max Damage, that is on a quest to become a superhero. The comic was first released in December 2009 and consists of 22 issues. I liked that the villain was trying to become good, it changed up the same old boring superhero plots.

Comic books will always be an escape from reality for millions of people. They supply a humorous outlook on life or let people feel a part of the action. The vivid pictures and descriptive words on every page draw in the reader. Incorruptible is a reminder that there is always good in the world; a villain wanting to redeem himself and do good. The positive theme allows the reader to indulge in all the action and leave with a clear conscious.

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