Comic Books are on Life Support

Archie comic books were fun to a kid.

When I think about comic books, I think about cartoons and kids. When I was younger, I used to go to the library across the street from my house on a regular basis. Every time I went to the library, I would come across the Archie, Garfield, and Marvel comic books. For some reason that I can’t remember, I always found the Archie comics much more interesting than the other two. Although I did read a couple of Archie comic books, I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a fan of them. My exposure to comic books basically ends there. Up until recently, I haven’t been around or picked up a comic book in years.

Initially, I was dreading having to read Y: The Last Man as a class assignment. Truth be told, I thought it was an absolute waste of time. When I started reading the book though, I found myself actually enjoying it. I think what made the comic book so interesting were the characters because they were all so unique and different from one another, yet they seemed so real. There were also many funny comments made by Yorick. There were times when I felt like I had to keep on reading because the scenes were so intense and suspenseful. Brian K. Vaughn’s perspective of how women would go on to survive in a world without men made a captivating storyline. It saddens me to know how long the series is. Although I did enjoy the book, I didn’t like it that much to the point where I would  go out of my way and read all of them.

Breakfast After Noon focuses on the troubles and tribulations that a couple face after they suddenly become unemployed.

To be honest, I wouldn’t pick up another comic book unless I had to.  If I had to choose a comic book to read in the future, I would probably pick Andi Watson’s comic book Breakfast After Noon. The comic is intended for older audiences and it is set in contemporary England. It revolves around a couple who is set to get married until they suddenly find themselves unemployed. Tensions form between the two as they are forced to make changes to the lives that they have mapped out. A great and thorough review of Breakfast After Noon can be found here. I would choose this comic book because I have a feeling it would be more realistic and I am drawn to stories that involve romantic couples trying overcome obstacles.

It’s difficult for me to picture a grown person reading a comic book for fun. If I saw an adult reading a comic book in a public place, I would assume that the person has no life. I know that there are probably some great comic books out there that are yet to be discovered. Unfortunately, it doesn’t change the fact that comic books are hanging on life support. It is only a matter of time before they die out completely.

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