Comics Can Be Interesting?

I admit, the only comics I have read are the ones in the comics section of the newspaper.  I have never been much in to comics but I’m sure if there was a good one I would be able to read it.  Once I read my brother’s Star Wars comic book but I like to imagine the story in my head rather than see the picture someone else drew.  

Because I have never read comics, it was hard for me to decipher what comics were adult and which ones were for children.  I spent a long time on Amazon and Google trying to find a comic, however most of the ones that came up were children’s or superhero.  Finally, I went to the Barnes and Noble website and found the page for Y: The Last Man.  From there, I looked at the recommendations and saw which one looked the best and found American Vampire, Volume 1.

This looks like a very scary picture but that is what makes the comic look intriguing.

I admit, I read the Twilight Saga and really liked it.  Therefore, a vampire comic sounded pretty good.  I read some reviews online and I think one of my friends in high school had read it and liked it a lot.  I’ll probably never really get in to comics but this one sounds promising for a before bed read.

What really surprised me was how much I liked Y: The Last Man.  I was unable to put it down and wanted to keep reading it (Here I will admit that I went to wikipedia and read what happened after our book).  The only complaints I had about the comic was that the author did not tell us why the men died.  He made us make up a reason.  Y: The Last Man might have changed my mind about comics.  Sometime in the future when I have time during a summer or school break, I might go in to a Barnes and Noble and buy one.  Although, I am still afraid of looking like a nerd.

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