Comparing Comics

While growing-up, I was never introduced to comic books. I am one of three daughters all whom aren’t interested in comic books at all. My childhood was mainly traditional because we received the typical gifts for girls, Barbies, baby dolls, and what not. I grew up unaware of what marvel comics were and hardly knew about Superman, Spiderman, and Batman; and only know them now because of their recently released movies.       Also, the main reason for not being interested in comic books is because I have always assumed that a majority of them are about super heroes and villain, but now that I have researched and explored the comic book genre, I have come to realize that not all comic books are the same and they are very similar to novels. Except the fact that they have pictures, but who doesn’t like picture? Growing up without comics may seem like a total disaster, but when you are young and have no idea of certain aspects around you, things you don’t know about don’t hurt you.

However, I unexpectedly enjoyed Y: The Last Man because it shows a different genre of comic books that I have never been introduced to before. Yorick and his “side-kick” monkey, Ampersand, are put through certain experiences throughout the comic that are totally unexpected and far-fetched. There are the typical heroes and villains displayed from the beginning of the comic to the end that are put through tough tasks where their morals are tested and certain characters have to step up through adversity. Y: The Last Man displays a genre of comic books that I would have never thought existed if it weren’t for our assignment to read the comic books.

While researching “grown-up” comic books, I came across many that did not interest me. However, I did find a few that have possible potential of me reading in the future.Kiss and Tell, A Romantic Resume by Mari Naomi is a comic book that I came across that definitely peaked my interest. Romance novels, magazines, and movies always seem to be in my interest, so this comic book seems to fit the genre I would look for. The fact that

This is a picture of a comic book that interests me.

this comic book is a graphic memoir about the author’s love life also makes me interested in reading it. This is a link to where you can read about the comic book, buy the comic book, and or just gather information about a comic book that could potentially interest you too.

As I have said, comic books have never really interested me, but after reading Y: The Last Man, I have become more inclined to read comic books directed towards the genre I am interested in. The only down side about comic books it that the cartoonist makes their interpretation of each character and in novels the reader makes up their own visuals about characters and scenes. Being able to interpret novels is something I enjoy, and not being able to make my own interpretation is the only negative aspect I see about comic books. Overall, comic books have peaked my interest due to the fact that we had to read Y: The Last Man for class. Since we read Y: The Last Man, the information about comic books that I have gained has challenged my opinion about comic books and has encouraged me to be open to them.

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