I <3 Nerds

The one memory I have as a child and comic books is when my dad took me to a comic book store as a surprise for going to Costco with him. I hated going to Costco with him because he always took hours.

Me and my dad--missing those Costco trips now

I was able to pick out two comic books I wanted. The memory is blurry but I remember feeling so excited and overwhelmed by the amount of comics all around me. Unfortunately I don’t remember the comics I picked but I do remember reading them over and over again everyday for weeks. Sadly, this was both my first and last encounter with comics until I reached high school.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed Y: The Last Man. I found reading a book that was mostly picture instead of print a lot more intriguing and interesting. I sat down and read Y: The Last Man in one airplane flight to New Orleans. Normally it would take me days to read a book for class. At times the book was extremely vulgar which was not expected since it was a comic book.  In my mind comic books are for children and are like Archie, which are very much PG while Y: The Last Man was more R rated at times.

the infamous trio

Overall, I liked reading Y: The Last Man it had an interesting plot line and the graphics were amazing.

While researching about comics I found a comic by Chris Ware called The Smartest Kid on Earth which grabbed my attention by its catchy title. This comic was published in 2000 and is widely acclaimed. This comic is about a middle aged man who is meeting his father for the first time. Jimmy, the main character, is very awkward and uses his imagination to escape from reality. I found Ware’s comic interesting because it does not have to due with superhero’s or a fantasy land but it is about reality. If I had to choose a comic book to read this would be the one.

I am not a comic book lover but nor am I a hater. The more time I spend with comic books the greater my love grows for them. I don’t see them as a childish thing and believe that comic books are for all ages, you just have to find the one for you. Comic books are a different way of learning which I discovered I like. Comic books are not just for nerds and geeks but are truly for anyone.

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