I have a comicfession….

I know what you’re thinking. Based upon the title of this blog post you think I have a “comicfession” that I love comics. WRONG. Much to the contrary, my experience with comics is way more underdeveloped. I can only recollect one instance in my life that I had experience with them and that was when I was about eleven years old (thinking back, that’s such a long time ago). I started an obsession with something I rarely speak of. My obsession only lasted for about a year once I regained my socially acceptable consciousness, but to this day it still resonates with me as the most embarrassing obsession I’ve ever had – even larger than the Jonas Brothers. I’m probably going to offend some people by saying this, but alas I must “comicfess” my previous love for anime.

The only remnants of my obession lies with this tv show. And yes, I do have the movie.

Yes, it is true. I used to read anime comic books, but it didn’t even stop there, I watched the shows, owned the movies you name it. In regards to comic books though, I literally can’t even remember the name of them – this goes to show how much I’ve tried to suppress my past. All I do remember is having to read them backwards and being frustrated by the lack of continuity with American books. So, other than my rather difficult to discuss past, I dare say I could be collectively put into a category oh so politely called “comic newbs”.

Though I’ve never really been an avid comic book reader (let’s exclude my past with anime for the sake of argument), I do have to say that I was quite pleasantly surprised with my reaction to Y: The Last Man. I was skeptical at first but as I started reading it through and through I got more and more attached to the characters. The plot in itself is enough to intrigue any reader – I mean come on, no male species left on the planet!? I would first imagine that so much more work would get done without that distraction, but that’s beside the point. It was legitimately interesting to see how Vaughan interpreted a world without men.  The graphics were quite intriguing too. In fact, as Dr. Delwiche mentioned in class, I too, have an interesting story to tell about the certain scene where Yorick imagines his girlfriend dripping with blood….naked. I happened to be right on that page innocently in my room when a male friend came to visit. I’m still certain that he thinks I’m into some kind of awful and gory porn.

I’ll be completely honest though, I loved Y: The Last Man. I loved it so much that I couldn’t stop reading it. When I finally came to the end, oh if only you could have seen the horror stricken on my face! How dare they end it with a cliffhanger like that! I was appalled, upset and oddly compelled to search the web to make sure there was a book 2 and sure enough, there was. This leads me to the comic book I chose to someday read in the near future: Y: The Last Man, Book 2. I suppose it’s rather obvious why I would choose that particular comic book as I just informed you about my undying need to know the ending, but I don’t want you to get me wrong, I didn’t choose this comic book just because it was the easiest to choose for this assignment. Much more to the contrary, I chose it because I genuinely do think that if I could ever get my hands on a copy of it, I would really sit down and read it. Also, just for the record, I guess you could say I have a bit of new “comicsession”.

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