Oh How Comical

Growing up, I never really got caught up with reading comic books. There was always an episode of SpongeBob, a Sports Illustrated Kids edition, or some other random toy to distract me, and that was able to fill up my time. I eventually moved on to Family Guy, the real Sports Illustrated, and Facebook, and those were my new distractions.

My main exposure to comic book heroes definitely came through movies. Comic book movies have become a Hollywood sub genre recently, and more and more of these films pop up each year. Some of my favorite movies include The Dark Knight, Spider-Man 2, and Iron Man. These movies usually have some humor interspersed with epic action and battle scenes. I do think it shows the mainstream acceptance of comics that megastars like Robert Downey and Christian Bale jump at the chance to portray these characters.

spider-man, spider man!

I never had a comic book phase as a kid, and it’s not genetics because my dad admits to reading them often in his youth. I’ve only read one comic book in my entire life. It was a random Spider-Man comic; it was pretty good but I never really got into it after that. It was a rather dark story, with Mary Jane dying and Spider-Man having to cope with it, while the Green Goblin was slowly breaking down his willpower. It was quite sad, and I remember being somewhat surprised with how much cartoon drawings were able to captivate me emotionally.

Y: The Last Man was a very bizarre and entertaining story. I found myself missing the days of children’s books when pictures reinforced the story being told. That being said, this certainly was not a children’s story. This was an apocalyptic story that was more unique than any I had ever seen, the situation of being the only male being on Earth was a strange one to say the least. I was amazed that Yorick was able to resist the sexual temptations of the women around him; you’d think as the last man he’d have an incredible amount of pull with the ladies yet stays loyal to his girlfriend.

A slightly different version.

A comic I thought looked extremely interesting was Longshot Comics by Shane Simmons. These comics are unique in that they retell famous stories and movies only using dots as characters. They are pretty funny in a sarcastic way, and I’m definitely interested in reading more of them.

Overall, starting with Y: The Last Man and culminating with tonight’s research and discovery of Longshot Comics, my interest in comics has definitely gone up and I am excited to read more of them in the future.

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